New in Copper: Pipeline types and statuses for all your use cases 🚀

Hey Copper Community! The team has been working hard to bring you an expansive Pipelines experience to help you tackle all of your business needs and engage your customers throughout their journey. We have a few exciting updates rolling out over the coming weeks 🔥These changes increase your efficiency in managing non-revenue engagements like projects, recruitment, and more – plus make it easier than ever to create the right pipelines that work for your business. Here’s a rundown on what we’re introducing to Pipelines ⬇️Create pipelines tailored to your business with new record typesManaging sales opportunities is only one aspect of your business, so we’ve introduced two additional record types to our Pipeline templates to give you even more flexibility when managing processes outside of sales: Projects and Items. You can also access these when creating a pipeline from scratch.You can further customize this by going into Settings > Customize > Rename Records and renaming these labels to better fit your business operations. As you explore company and people records linked with objects in your pipelines, you’ll now see a related Pipelines section organized by these new record types for a more unified experience across the platform. Related “Project” record types in a pipeline will now be stored under a new record type header in your related tab on People and Company records.If you’d like to customize your existing pipelines further or update the current record types from Opportunities, you can now adjust the Pipeline record type to Item or Project from the pipeline settings on the board view. From there:Click the 3-dot menu Select “Edit Pipeline” Choose your desired pipeline record type from the “Pipeline Record Type” dropdown. This will update your company and people record related sections for pipelines accordingly as shown above. Access the pipeline menuSelect from the pipeline record type dropdownManage relationships across pipelines effortlessly with new record duplication functionalityKeep your deals, projects and relationships flowing effortlessly across your entire customer journey with the ability to duplicate pipeline records from one pipeline to another. Wave goodbye to repetitive data entry. When you’re done with a pipeline record in one pipeline, use the duplicate button in the record menu to transition the record to another pipeline with the fields and related People records already populated. You’ll have the opportunity to edit these fields before pushing it to a new pipeline. Use the record menu to access the duplicate optionSelect “Duplicate”When you duplicate an opportunity, project or item, all of your pre-configured data will be populated and you’ll have the opportunity to edit this information and select the pipeline you want the new object to live on. For even more efficiency, you’ll also have the ability to duplicate a pipeline record from the record “Won” modal. Toggle on the setting to duplicate the record. Intuitively manage non-revenue pipelines with new statusesWe’re excited to deliver this common customer request as we continue to expand the pipeline experience past sales-focused workflows. Now, when your pipeline is set to “non-revenue” you’ll see alternate pipeline statuses: Open, Won’t Do (instead of Lost), On Hold (instead of Abandoned) and Done (instead of Won). If a pipeline record is moved from a non-revenue pipeline to a revenue pipeline or vice versa, the status will be the same but be renamed to match the revenue versus non-revenue setting. You and your team will be able to more intuitively manage your pipelines for project workflows and more. We’re introducing new statuses for non-revenue pipelinesWe hope you enjoy these new pipeline features. Leave your questions or feedback in the comments below ⬇️Melanie at Copper 

Experience unparalleled transparency into your business engagements and activities with Copper’s new Feed

We’ve got another exciting announcement for our Copper customers 📣 We’re rolling out our new Feed — encapsulating everything happening in Copper into one clear, well-organized view 👀 Your new Copper FeedYou’ll never miss a beat with real-time updates on the activities captured in Copper – including calls, meetings, emails, form submissions and more 🥁 Move the work forward with powerful collaboration tools. You can interact with activities in the Feed just like you do on records, allowing you to comment, react and even reply to emails without switching into specific records.📣 We show you how Feed and Copper’s new Forms feature work together during our latest Coffee with Copper webinar. Watch here.  Here’s a quick rundown on what you’ll find in the new Copper feed ⬇️Maximize your efficiency with easily accessible activity filters With our re-organized activity filters in a new left-side navigation menu, you can filter on the activity types you’ve added to Copper including emails, phone calls, form submissions and more.Zero in with activity filtersStay on the ball with intelligently tailored suggestionsYour personalized “Keep Things Moving” and “Suggestions” sections are now accessible to the right in the feed. Check out your intelligent suggestionsCut through the noise with the “Show only what I’m following” featureWe get it — it’s great to see everything that’s going down in Copper, but sometimes you want to focus on the interactions and contacts that matter to you. Streamline your feed and reprioritize what you’re seeing by selecting “Show only what I’m following”. Focus on the interactions that matter to youSelect the “Follow” button on records Feed makes it easier than ever to stay informed, connected and ahead of the game. This new experience replaces the previous Copper Dashboard. We hope you enjoy this new experience as we continue to evolve Copper into your end-to-end customer engagement and relationship management platform. If you have any questions or feedback, reply in the comments section below 👇Melanie at Copper 

March 15, 2024 - Celebrate key customer milestones with recurring date filters and our newest email automation features

We’re serving up another round of enhancements to delight our customers and help them better engage their clients 👏 You can now filter on recurring dates in Copper and celebrate key customer milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, solving a key customer request 🔥 Link this with our newest Email automation functionality to help grow your relationships on autopilot. Plus, we introduced enhancements to advanced reporting with currencies outside of USD and more.   Recurring Date Filters to recognize key customer milestones Using our new fixed and relative recurring date filters, you can easily track key customer milestones occurring on a certain date, regardless of year – such as birthdays or anniversaries. Grow your relationships by tracking and recognizing these important dates with your clients! Professional and Business customers can pair this with our new automate a single email functionality. For more info, check out our Community post here.   Professional and Business customers can now automate a single email Nurture your warm relationships with ease using our gallery of pre-built options. Automated emails send on your behalf from your Gmail account, giving your outreach a targeted, personal feel. Automate follow-ups for your sales team, rekindle a cooling relationship, or tie an automation to your Lists (saved filters). For more info, check out our Community post here.   Enhancements and bug fixes for our non-US customers   Currency update to Advanced Reporting You can now run advanced reports in your local base currency for any currency.   We also squashed some bugs that were impacting our non-US customers: Fixed an issue where the import tool was not respecting a user’s preferred date format set in Settings > Personal Preferences > My Preferences if it was not MM/DD/YY. Fixed an issue where the Xero integration was not respecting a user’s preferred date format if it was not MM/DD/YY. Fixed an issue where the Opportunity cards were not respecting a user’s preferred date format if it was not MM/DD/YY.

Coming to Copper: Capture and engage your potential customers right from Copper with our new Forms feature

Hey Copper Community 👋We’re teeing up something great in Copper and here are the deets 👀 Now it’s even easier to capture information from your website visitors and automatically push it into Copper. Get a jump start on nurturing these new relationships — all from one tool 🔥 Our new Forms feature (as teased during our December Coffee with Copper webinar) is rolling out to all Copper accounts in the coming weeks 🎉 We’re thrilled to continue delivering capabilities that allow Copper to be your end-to-end relationship management platform. 📣 We did an in-depth demo of this feature and how it works with our newest email automation functionality during our latest Coffee with Copper webinar 👉 Watch here. This is the first release in a series of releases as we deliver a comprehensive forms tool for our customers. Here’s what to expect with our first release: Automatically create Contacts from form responses: We’re revving up your prospect and customer engine by automatically capturing all form responses as new Contact records in Copper so you can immediately jump on new customer inquiries and begin building relationships. The contact type for new Contacts created from form responses will automatically default to “Potential Customer”, but you can change it. If a form is submitted by a Contact already in Copper, there’s no stress about duplicates — we’ll log an activity for that Contact on their record ✨ Easily tailor the design to your website: The first release includes some styling functionality so you can match the form and widget to your current branding. You’ll be able to: Customize the fonts by choosing from a selection of Google Fonts Match your brand colors using a color picker or by entering your brand's color values Adjust the title (ex. Contact us or Get a Quote) Select the positioning of the widget on your website (ie. top, bottom, left, right) Copper’s form builderPlace it on your website quickly: We know how it is — you hear “website form” and you think of the hours spent coding or going back and forth with your developer. But not with our new Forms widget 👏 Our chat-style widget is easy to add. It sits on top of your website, so it’s easily discoverable by the end user, simple to install and won’t create any styling changes to your website. All the details on how to install the forms widget are here. Copper’s form widget lives on top of your websiteStay updated on incoming connections: Form responses create activities — so you’ll be able to see the responses on the contact’s profile and on the Dashboard Activity Feed in the Company tab. As we roll out the new Copper Feed, you’ll be able to see and filter on these activities. This allows you to stay up to date easily on all recent form responses and how your team is engaging with these customers from comments, reactions and more 👀A sneak peek of our new Copper Feed👉 How our customers can use this: Create a list of form responses by filtering on the new activity type. Assign Contact Owners, create tasks, reach out, and move the relationship forward. For our Professional and Business plan customers, this is where things start getting magical 🪄You can create a single email automation based on this list to automatically follow up with these new contacts when they’re most engaged.  Frequently asked questions Can I remove the Copper logo from the form?The first release of forms will include the Copper logo. This is something customers will be able to remove in a future release. Can I capture form responses as Leads in Copper instead of Contacts? At this time, form responses will only support the creation of Contacts in Copper. Support for Leads is something that will come in the future. Can I personalize the thank you message shown after the form submission? For our first release you aren’t able to adjust this copy. This will come in future releases. How do I see all the contacts created from a form submission in the list view? Creating a list of all your contacts created from a form submission is easy! Head to filters and select Activity Type. From there you’ll now be able to select “Form” as the activity to create a filtered list. Include a filter for Contact type as “Potential Customer” to see all your newly added contacts.  We hope you enjoy this new feature release 🎉 Leave any questions or feedback in the comments section below 👇Melanie at Copper 

Nurture your warm relationships with ease using Copper’s new email automation

We have some exciting news for our community 🎉 Teased earlier in our January Product Pulse webinar, the first release of our email automation feature is now live in Copper for all Professional and Business plan customers. Staying on top of your warm relationships is now easier than ever with our new automate a single email functionality as we continue to evolve Copper into your comprehensive relationship platform for engaging customers across the entire journey. You’ll find it under Settings > Automation > Email Automation.📣 We did an in-depth demo of our automate a single email feature and its relationship with our new forms feature during our latest Coffee with Copper webinar. Watch here. Never miss a crucial touchpoint while nurturing interest with your customers using these key features: Gallery of pre-configured options: We make it super simple to get started by providing a gallery of pre-configured options for setting up your email automation based on common relationship-building use cases. It takes under a minute to set up an automation 🚀 You can choose to either set up an automation for contacts you haven’t heard from in a while, or to contacts on a specific saved filtered list (more below). Gallery of optionsTie your automated emails to a list: We know many of our customers are actively building and tracking lists of key contacts based on their core workflows in Copper. Now, you can use our automated single email feature to connect with these groups of contacts. This is particularly handy when a list changes dynamically. As a new contact is added to the list, the active automation will try to send them an email within an hour — avoiding any critical gaps in your relationships 👍👉 How our customers can use this: This new capability pairs really well with our recently released recurring date filter. For example, say you’re tracking important customer milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or customer-since dates as custom fields on your records and you’d like to celebrate these milestones with your customers. You could create a saved filtered list called “Birthdays today” that’s filtered on recurring dates as of “today” regardless of year. Now you have a list that will update dynamically each day that you can plug into a single email automation to send a “Happy Birthday” email daily to the contacts on the list. These small moments will help keep your relationships warm as your customers move through their journey with your business. Send an email to a list of contactsSend on behalf of a contact owner: When nurturing a relationship with a Contact, you most likely want them to receive the outreach from the team member they’ve already been connected with. Using our new email automation feature, you can choose to have the emails sent on behalf of the Contact Owner, ensuring no customer is left confused or disjointed in their relationship 💕 👉 How our customers can use this: For example, let’s say your Account Executives are the account owners on your potential customer contacts in Copper. A Copper account owner or admin could set up a “rekindle outreach” on behalf of the account owners to automatically send an email to customers they haven’t heard from in a few weeks to help jump start those relationships without taking time away from the account executives busy working with active prospects. This way you can make sure relationships aren’t going stale, without adding more to your team’s workload.Choose to Send from the “Contact Owner” instead of the automation ownerUse your own email templates: By leveraging email templates within email automation, you’re able to ensure consistency across all your messaging. This is just the start of our vision for email automation in Copper. In the near future, we plan to provide the ability to automate an email series so your relationships can go even further. Stay tuned 👀 Commonly asked questions Where can I find the email automation tool?Email automation is located under Settings > Automation > Email Automation. Head there to get started with the gallery of pre-configured options.  Are the emails sent using Gmail or an email client? Copper actually sends automated emails on behalf of your users from their Gmail accounts. This gives your outreach a more personal, targeted feel. A user will be able to find all emails in their sent Gmail folder, and on the Contact profile, as if they sent it themselves. Who can set up an email automation? At this time, only Account Owners and Admins can set up email automations. If you’d like to send on behalf of a user, you can do this if they are the Contact Owner on a Person record. What happens if my email doesn’t send? If Copper is unable to send an email to a person on your list, you’ll see messaging in the automation details panel letting you know of any issues - such as a user’s Gmail account isn’t connected, the contact record missing an email address, or a user hitting the daily send limit. Copper will automatically retry each contact each day, up to 3 times. This gives you ample time to correct any issue before we attempt to send the email again.  Is there a limit on the number of emails that can be sent? There is a limit of 500 automated emails that can be sent per day from your company with this feature. This includes emails sent on behalf of the automation owner or the contact owner(s). Additionally, Google limits the number of emails that can be sent daily from an email address. This includes any emails sent from Gmail, Copper or any other app. We have more resources in our help center here to give you a hand with setting up your email automations. We hope you enjoy this new feature.Melanie at Copper.  

[Webinar Recording] Copper Product Pulse - February 2024

 That’s a wrap on our February Copper Product Pulse! During this session, our team reviewed the current product roadmap and our vision for Pipelines as Copper continues to evolve into your end-to-end customer engagement platform. Then, we demoed a few of our latest releases for Pipelines including new use case-specific templates and customizations. Watch the recording for the full scoop.📣 Watch our latest Coffee with Copper webinar as we dive into best practices for nurturing interest with your customers using our email automation and forms functionality. Watch here. Here’s a quick recap on what we covered during this session: Our new Pipeline templates - 5:58 to 7:32We’ve refocused our template selection on use cases. When you go to select from our templates, you’ll be able to choose from options like Sales, Account Renewal, Partnerships, Project, Onboarding and more. This way, you can immediately identify use cases that might be helpful for your organization, regardless of industry. We’ll be adding more templates in the months to come.  The new unified card view - 7:33 to 8:13 Similar to the recent updates we’ve made to list views around configuration settings, we’ve brought a similar experience to your Pipeline view. Previously, each user had their own view of Pipeline card fields in the kanban board. Now, the default view for all users of the Pipeline card fields will be set by the Pipeline creator, so that everyone is on the same page.  Revenue versus non-revenue Pipeline toggle - 8:39 to 9:31 and 10:55 to 11:30When building out a new pipeline, you have the option to toggle on or off revenue tracking features like monetary roll-ups, reporting and more. If toggled on, you’ll see revenue tracking. If toggled off, your Pipeline will no longer include these monetary features, making it a much clearer and cleaner experience for workflows not associated with dollar values. You can also go into the Pipeline settings on a current pipeline to toggle off revenue tracking if it doesn’t apply.  How to duplicate current Pipelines - 10:01 to 10:35Love a specific Pipeline setup and want to duplicate it? We’ve made it even easier for you to clone a current Pipeline at the Pipeline level. Click the 3 dot ellipsis in the right-hand corner of your screen to access the “Duplicate Pipeline” option. This will duplicate the Pipeline name, stages, revenue tracking settings and card fields. You’ll be rolling with your new Pipeline in a few clicks to keep your business running smoothly.   New task highlights on Pipeline cards - 11:31 to 12:09It’s now easier to see your tasks related to your opportunities in a pipeline. When you have tasks associated with an opportunity you’ll see a little check box icon in the top right corner of your card. These are color coded to keep you up to speed on your most pressing priorities — red means it’s late, yellow means it’s due today. If you see a + icon, this means you can add a task right from the card view. Everything you need to move opportunities or projects along is easily accessible right from your board view so you can better organize your to-do list.  More consistency across your records - 12:10 to 13:42In the related section on your Company records, we’ve organized your Pipelines into Revenue and Non-Revenue categories with tailored views so you have more clarity around your open opportunities and in-flight projects. Now, you can skip the revenue-related jargon if your Pipelines have the revenue and sales tracking functionality toggled off. Lastly, we provided a quick sneak peek into what’s to come for Pipelines in the near future (14:03): Your feedback matters: This webinar is all about hearing from you and gathering your feedback. If you weren’t able to attend the session live, but you’re curious to see the poll results, check them out below ⬇️ If you want to share your input, please leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this post.If you had the option to color code Copper records in the List or Pipeline view, what would you like to color code?59% said color code a list row or pipeline card36% said color code a field4% said other Have feedback or questions? Leave it in the comments section below 🙂  Melanie at Copper 

New in Copper: Filter on recurring date fields 🎉

Hey Copper Community!We heard your requests loud and clear — filtering on recurring date fields is a must-have for our customers. We’re thrilled to announce this is now available in Copper 🎈Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we’re excited to introduce an update that directly addresses a key customer request.With our enhancement, you can now filter a list by recurring date. This will exclude the year from the filter, making tracking and celebrating important customer milestones like birthdays or anniversaries easy.  Let’s walk through how it works:1. First, to use this feature you’ll need to have birthdays, anniversaries, or other customer milestones saved as a custom date field on your contact records. 2. You’ll need to locate this custom date field towards the bottom of your fields list, following the default fields when filtering your list. Scroll to find your custom fields3. Once located, you’ll click “Select Date Range”. 4. Then select “Recurring Dates”. 5. From there, use the dropdown to select the window of time (today, this week, this month, etc.) for this date to occur. For example, if you select this month (2/01 to 2/29), you’ll see everyone with a birthday in the month of February, regardless of the year.You can also enter your own custom date range.  How our customers can use this: This is a small but mighty feature when it comes to nurturing your key relationships. For example, let’s say we have Copper customer Ted. Ted keeps track of all his customer birthdays, purchase anniversaries, and renewal dates as custom date fields in Copper. He wants to send a happy birthday email to everyone who has a birthday this month as a way to stay top of mind and keep his relationships warm.Now, Ted can go into his People tab, filter on his custom date field “Birthday” as a recurring date field within “this month”, and see a list of all the customers with a birthday in February. Ted can either choose to bulk email all these customers using a saved template, email them individually, or push them to another email tool like Mailchimp either via an integration or by exporting the list.Ted could also use our new automate a single email functionality to stay on top of birthdays daily. To do this, he’d filter his list of contacts using the custom date field “Birthday” as a recurring date field for “Today” and save this filtered list. The list will update dynamically each day. If he uses this list as the base for his email automation, a happy birthday email will go out each day to the contacts newly added to the list. Learn more about getting ready to set up an email automation here. This feature is rolling out to our Professional and Business plan customers over the next few weeks. We hope this makes it easier than ever to track important customer milestones and maintain your key relationships. We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions by leaving a comment below ⬇️Melanie at Copper 

February 16, 2024 - Next level workflows with flexible pipelines, enhanced Copper Feed and improvements to our mobile app

We're excited to bring you another round of innovative updates from Copper CRM 🎉 With your feedback and evolving business needs in mind, we've introduced new features and enhancements that promise to make managing your relationships and processes even more seamless and effective. Here's what's new:Flexible Pipelines for diverse workflows What's new: Pipelines now support a broader range of workflows beyond sales, including but not limited to partnership management, customer onboarding and project management. Key enhancements: Pipelines template library: Jumpstart your workflow setup with pre-configured templates for both sales and non-sales processes. Sales & revenue tracking setting: Tailor your Pipeline view to display sales-specific features, adapting to your unique business needs. Toggle this off when sales tracking is not needed. Enhanced visibility: Easily access related Pipeline records directly your Company records, and segment by revenue vs. non-revenue pipelines. Unified pipeline view: Pipeline customizations such as Pipeline card fields and revenue tracking settings are inherited by all users, ensuring team alignment. Task integration: Tasks related to Pipeline records are now more visible and accessible, streamlining your workflow. Value: These updates empower you to build and tailor Pipelines to your specific processes, improving efficiency and collaboration across your team. Revamped Feed for enhanced communication insight What's new: We've transformed the Dashboard feature into our new Feed, providing a comprehensive view of all communications and activities within your Copper account. This is rolling out to all customers over the next few weeks. Key features: Global activity feed: Stay informed with a complete overview of interactions, including emails with contacts not yet added to Copper. Activity type filtering: Easily navigate your Feed by filtering activities into "Conversation" and "Work" categories for focused insights. Value: Gain unparalleled transparency into your business engagements, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Mobile app enhancements for Android and iOS Android updates: Task management: Enjoy a cleaner task list with automatic decluttering of completed tasks. Pipeline revenue tracking: The app now aligns with Pipeline updates we made on the desktop app, respecting the revenue tracking settings. iOS enhancements: SMS via JustCall: Send SMS messages directly through the JustCall integration for more seamless communication. Quickbooks integration: View invoices and estimates from Quickbooks when accessing your CRM records, ensuring financial clarity. Value: These mobile updates bring the power of Copper to your fingertips, ensuring productivity and access to critical information on the go.  

[Webinar Recording] Copper Product Pulse - January 2024

 Welcome to our first ever Copper Product Pulse! Our new webinar series is bringing you a peek behind the curtain at what our Product team is working away on. From product updates to all-new features coming down the pipe, we spill the tea every month 🍵 Copper is evolving into your comprehensive relationship platform for engaging customers across the entire journey, and we’re sharing updates as we ship new and improved features. 📣 Our next Copper Product Pulse will be on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST. Register here.In this session we covered 👇 Email composer and template updates - 3:22 to 10:38Composing emails is even easier in Copper with our latest updates. We’ve made the options to select a template or add merge fields into your email more accessible — saving you time and helping ensure accuracy and compliance in your frequent, repeated communications with customers, without losing out on the personalization. We’ve also brought the rich text formatting options to the forefront of your composer so you can quickly professionalize the body of your email before sending your message.  New Lists on Leads - 10:38 to 14:04Our new List Views experience is now in Leads. You’ll see a new look and feel, making it easier to navigate through and manage your lists in Leads. A customer favorite is the ability to save column configurations to ensure a unified view across users, keeping your entire team on the same page. Additional features now available in Leads include: In-line editing support Tags field as a default column A new saved filter section for managing public and private filters Single Email Automation - 14:25 to 23:52Soon, users on our Professional and Business plans will have the ability to automate a single email! Built right into Copper, we’re helping you better nurture your client relationships with less effort using our pre-built email flow options to automate an email. Choose from templated flows including: Sending an email to contacts you haven’t heard from in a while  Emailing contacts on a specific list With more email flows coming soonIt’ll take you under a minute to set up your email automations — so you can stay in touch with clients without all the manual follow-up. Basic plan customers can connect with our Support team via the in-app Copper chat if you’re interested in adding this feature.  Here are a few key questions around our new releases we address here:  What are the key benefits of emailing via Copper versus emailing via your email account and it being logged into the activity tab for that contact?The main benefit is that within Copper we provide merge fields that enable the personalization of your templates. In the future, you’ll have the ability to use Copper templates in conjunction with our upcoming email automation features. Are there limitations on the number of emails you can send using bulk email? Similarly, for the single email automation coming soon, will it be subject to Gmail’s sending limits?There are no Copper limitations, however Google does enforce daily limits on the number of emails that can be sent per user, and this rule is respected by Copper since we send out emails directly through Gmail. This will include emails sent using email automation. Our email automation feature itself will also have a limit of 500 automated emails that can be sent from a Company (you and your users) in a day. Emails we were unable to send due to these limitations will be retried automatically the next day (up to 3 times per Contact). How do I access the Leads feature? I don’t see the bullseye icon in the top left of my navigation. Leads is a current feature that can be enabled from settings. If you’d like to learn more, check out this help doc.  Who will have access to set up email automations in Copper? For its initial release, only Account Owners and Admins can create an email automation — but we’re open to feedback on how important it is for all users to be able to create email automations. Although a user cannot create an email automation at this time, automated emails can still be sent on their behalf if they’re a Contact Owner for any Contacts and an email automation has been set to send from the Contact Owner. Your feedback matters This webinar is all about hearing from you and gathering your feedback. If you weren’t able to attend the session live, but you’re curious to see the poll results, check them out below ⬇️ If you want to share your input, please leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this post. What features would you most like to see in Email Templates?43% said Custom fields as merge fields29% said AI drafted copy28% said In-line images What features would you most like to see in Email Automations?31% said Automate email(s) to send before or after a specified custom date, e.g. “birthday” or “contract due”26% said Ability to automate email(s) to Leads25% said Automate email(s) to send when an opportunity moves stages18% said Automate email(s) when a tag is applies to contacts Soon you’ll be able to use Pipelines for all of your engagements – both revenue and non-revenue. When thinking about your business processes: if you had the ability to rename “Pipelines,” what would you name it?52% said Leave it as “Pipelines”33% said Workflows8% said Flows4% said Boards4% said Workboards Have feedback or questions? Leave it in the comments section below 🙂  Melanie at Copper 

New and improved Pipeline templates and customization 📣

After tons of useful feedback from our customers, we’re evolving how you can work with Pipelines. Many customers use Pipelines to track sales processes across their organization, but the applications extend far beyond financial transactions. Now, we’re making it even easier to use Pipelines for processes outside of sales that aren’t linked to a dollar value — like managing your projects, service delivery or customer onboarding. We’re seeing an increasing number of customers using Pipelines in this way, demonstrating the flexibility of how you can use Copper. With our latest release, it’s easier than ever to keep track of how you’re engaging with your clients across all phases of the customer journey — not just during the sales process. We’ve begun rolling out this update and it will be available in all Copper accounts over the next few days.  Our new Pipeline templates Before this release, we offered a suite of Pipeline templates for users to choose from based on industry. Now, we’ve refocused our template selection on use cases instead. This means that, when you go to select from our templates, you’ll be able to choose from options like Sales, Account Renewal, Partnerships, Project, Onboarding and more. This way, you can immediately identify use cases that might be helpful for your organization, regardless of industry.Use case focused templates All of our templates are still fully customizable — so you can easily add or adjust stages. You’ll also be able to decide whether each individual Pipeline will be used to track sales or revenue, and toggle the dollar value off when it doesn’t apply. Toggle on/off revenue tracking If toggled on, you’ll see things like monetary rolls-ups, reporting and more. If toggled off, your Pipeline will no longer include these monetary features, making it a much clearer and cleaner experience for workflows not associated with dollar values. And of course, you’ll still have the option to start from scratch and build a revenue or non-revenue focused Pipeline to your exact preferences.  What if I want to remove revenue tracking features from my current Pipeline? Once available in your account, you’ll now have the option to remove all monetary tracking features from your Pipeline. To do this, go to your Pipeline and select the settings icon ⚙ in the top right corner.Then under Public Settings, select Customize Pipeline. Here you’ll have the option to toggle off the revenue and sales tracking.Use the toggle under “Board Type” to choose whether this Pipeline tracks sales or revenue  We hope you enjoy this improved, customizable experience with Copper Pipelines 💕 We’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave any comments or questions below 👇 Melanie at Copper 

January 19, 2024 - New lists in Leads, Task Automation for all and email composer improvements

We’ve added the new List Views experience to Leads, including the new look and feel, in-line editing support, tags as a list column, and the ability to save different column sets on saved filtered lists that can be shared with other users for a unified experience. We also enabled Task Automation for Basic plan users, and improved accessibility to email templates and rich text formatting when sending emails from Copper. Enhanced List Views for LeadsWe've extended our New List View experience to Leads, in addition to People, Companies, Opportunities, and Tasks. This update brings a new look and feel, making it easier to navigate through and manage your lists in Leads. Key enhancements now accessible in Leads include in-line editing support, tags field as a default column, a new saved filter section for managing public and private filters, and support for multiple column configurations that can be shared to create a unified view. With these enhancements users can streamline using and managing records in List Views, enjoy faster editing, and ensure team alignment. Task Automation for Basic plan usersTask Automation, previously available only in higher tiers, is now accessible to Basic plan customers. This feature allows users to easily create if-this-then-that rules to automate task creation, so they can to stay organized and proactive. For example, automatically generate a follow-up task after completing a demo and updating your opportunity stage to enhance deal progression. Users will save time and maintain consistency in your sales processes, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. Improved email template and rich text formatting visibilityThe email templates feature is now permanently visible and fixed to the email composer so that users can more easily access their templates. Previously this feature was hidden within the composer which made it difficult for users to discover email templates. Similarly, rich text formatting for emails has been made permanently visible on the email composer to increase user accessibility. Both of these updates simplify user email workflows, making template access and rich formatting options more intuitive and less time-consuming. Upgraded mobile experience for Android usersThe Copper Android mobile app now includes features to match the web app’s capabilities. Users can now add attachments from from Google Drive and Dropbox when composing and sending emails directly from the mobile app. Copper email templates containing attachments can also be used and sent from the mobile app. Lastly, we’ve improved the mobile task due date editing experience to be more consistent with the web application. Previously, on the mobile app, task due dates defaulted in with the current date on creation and when tasks were edited, and there was no way to clear due dates on tasks. 

Copper wrapped 🎁: 2023 Product round-up

With the new year quickly approaching it’s time to reflect on the awesomeness of 2023 and all the great product releases we saw in Copper. From a totally revamped list views experience to an even better mobile app experience, this year delivered the goods 🔥So without further ado, we’ve wrapped up all the hot tickets items to give you a quick refresher on the best of 2023 ⬇️ Attachments in email templatesBack in January, we saved users more time and energy by introducing attached files in email templates. This way, whenever you go to use your favorite template, your file automatically attaches, saving you the additional clicks ✅ Learn more hereIn 2023, Copper users sent a total of 855,396 emails from Copper 👀 Pipeline templatesWe supercharged Copper pipelines by adding ready-to-use, industry specific templates to help take the guesswork out of building your stages. These templates are fully customizable so you can tailor them to your business’s unique needs 🚀 Plus, we added the ability to duplicate an already existing pipeline to make it even easier to create pipelines in a snap without re-inventing what works for you. Learn more here The power of pipelines: this year our customers created 11,758 pipelines 🎉 New functionality on iOS and Android2023 was a big year for our mobile app and we’re thrilled we could make your on-the-go Copper  experience even better 📲 Here’s a quick rundown on the changes we made to our app for iOS and Android:  Attachments on templates: When using an email template, your designated file in the template will automatically be attached. Redesigned navigation: Creating more visual consistency with the other Google apps you know and love.  Create, edit, delete filters on iOS: Design and UX improvements made to the filter module. Improved invite users experience: No need to navigate over to the web app to invite your teammates on Android; plus we cleaned up the user experience on iOS.  Filter records based on text fields on iOS: You’re now able to filter records by text fields to better segment your contacts.  Launched the home feed: The feed allows users to better collaborate with their team on-the-go by viewing comments and emoji reactions on activities and threads, and lets you view @mentions.   JustCall mobile app integration: Users can now dial out through the JustCall app when placing a call from the mobile app. RingCentral mobile app integration for Android: Users can dial out through the RingCentral app when placing a call from the Copper mobile app from Android.  User trial experienceWith the introduction of our 7-day user trial experience, we made it easier for users to share Copper with their teammates and ensure it’s a good fit before moving ahead with purchasing seats. Learn more hereThe more the merrier: Copper users invited 15,827 new team members this year 💕 Faster email syncHaving the most up-to-date information is important when planning your next steps for nurturing your relationships, so we made our email sync faster than ever ⚡ Now emails from Gmail are synced in minutes. Learn more here  Reactions on commentsWe modernized comments and activities by allowing you and your team to react with emojis. This is a quick and easy way to celebrate wins and acknowledge messages from team members. Learn more here A chatty bunch: Our users left 209,291 comments in Copper in 2023 📣 Days in Stage ReportingPipelines are a great way to visualize and track your deals and relationships, but they can also provide a treasure trove of insight into creating more efficient processes, determining performance, and forecasting for the future. So we released days in stage reporting to take a deeper look into how long opportunities sit in a pipeline stage, helping you better understand the impact to your business. Learn more here New list viewsNow this was a biggie for us and we’re so delighted we could bring this release to you in 2023 🎉 The new list experience brings you all the features you loved about our old lists, with a whole new look and feel plus additional functionality to make working in lists a breeze. Here’s a rundown of what we added to help increase your efficiency and productivity in Copper: An updated, spreadsheet-like design: Easily consume and analyze key information to take the right next step In-line and bulk editing: Quickly update most fields in your Copper records individually, or in groups, right from your list More accessible filters: Create new filters in a few clicks and access saved filters faster to pick up right where you left off Expanded preview functionality from your list: Access a preview window of any record type to update or review details without losing your spot in your list — so you always stay in your flow Edit tags in lists: View and edit tags right from the list so you can stay on stop of your customer data  Enhanced column configuration: When you select specific columns for a filtered list view, those columns will be saved to the filtered list itself for all other users to view, making sharing filtered lists even easier Learn more hereFiltering aficionados: Copper users saved 32,904 filtered lists in 2023 🔍 New daily dashboardSmall, but mighty — we introduced the new centralized daily dashboard in Copper so that our users can start their day off on the right foot 🏃With all your critical activities and reminders together in one spot, you can visit the dashboard throughout the day to stay on top of suggested follow-ups and action items. Learn more here  And that’s a wrap folks! We hope you found value in our 2023 releases and we can’t wait to continue working with you in the new year. Interested to see what we have in store? Check out our most recent Coffee with Copper recording where we share our updated vision for 2024 and our product roadmap for a sneak peek into what’s to come in Copper. Watch it here  

December 21, 2023 - Save different column settings per List, see and edit Tags directly in the List View, plus more

In the last couple weeks, we’ve improved how List Views handle field columns, added Tags as an in-line editable column, enhanced the Dashboard Activity feed to support sent and received emails, re-organized Saved Filters into Public and Private sections in List Views, as well as squashed some bugs.   List Views support for multiple field column configurations Users can now save a different field column configuration per Saved Filter in List Views. When a user is in a List View and changes the column settings, the specific columns are saved to the Saved Filter for the user, and these changes will not affect the column configurations in other Saved Filters. This way users can optimize and tailor their List Views to support different workflows. Previously, users could only save one field column configuration per record type (e.g. one column set for the entirety of People List Views). This change allows users to better customize their Copper List Views to fit their needs. Additionally, the owner of a Saved Filter sets the default column settings that other users will see when accessing the Saved Filter. When a user creates a Saved Filter and then makes it Publicly visible, other users will see the Saved Filter owner’s column settings. Users can then freely customize the column configuration without impacting the owner or each other’s List View. If the Saved Filter is set to Private visibility, then Public visibility again, the column settings other users will see will be reset to the owner’s column configuration. This change enables better sharing and collaboration of Saved Filters, so that all users can see the same initial column set for a given List View.   Tags supported as an in-line editable column in New List Views Users can now add Tags as an in-line editable List View column. When a user adds a Tag as a column, they can then click into a Tag cell to activate edit mode and add, remove, or create Tags on the fly. Previously, Tags were not supported as a viewable or editable column in List Views. This change makes it easier than ever to manage records with tags and keep your data up to date. Tags are now editable in list views  Received and Sent Email support in Dashboard Activity Feed Users can now view Sent and Received Emails company-wide in the Dashboard Activity Feed under the Company Dashboard view. When users view the Dashboard Activity Feed, and then set the top bar dropdown option to Company Dashboard, they can now view all email communications between Copper users and Copper contacts. Previously, email communications were not visible in the Dashboard Activity Feed. This change improves visibility of email communications across the company with your key contacts. You’ll now see sent and received emails in the Company Dashboard Activity view  Saved Filters organized in Public and Private sections Saved Filters are now categorized into Public and Private sections in the List View Saved Filter panel. Users can now more easily access and distinguish Public Saved Filters visible to any user from their own Private Saved Filters. Previously, Public and Private Saved Filters were organized in a single combined list, which made it difficult to identify one’s own Saved Filters from filters saved by others, and whether they were set to Public or Private. This change makes it easier for users to manage their Saved Filters. Saved filters are now organized into Public and Private sections  Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements Records now open in Preview faster Saved Filter Search now less strict with search terms Workflow Automation now supports Not Equals as a trigger condition to enable greater specificity for Workflow Automation rules Tags are now a default column for New List Views Mobile users can now pin/unpin activities Mobile Home feed has had UI/UX improvements, including the ability to clear the feed Pipeline name no longer overruns the Pipeline dropdown if too long Fixed an issue with the Currency selector for Value fields showing the wrong default Currency Fixed an issue with dates entered via in-line edit to appear off by 1 day due to a time zone bug Fixed an issue with record navigation not saving correctly to browser history

November 3, 2023 - Seamlessly manage your Copper reminders in Google Calendar with 2-way sync improvements and more

New this week: we’ve added 2-way Sync support for due dates between Copper Calendar Events and Tasks, and Google Calendar. We’ve also shipped the ability to sort People by Last Name and add Suggested Contacts in New List Views — plus other improvements and bug fixes. 2-Way Syncing of Copper Tasks and Calendar Events with Google CalendarYour Copper Tasks and Calendar Events now update in a two-way sync based on date and time changes made to events in your Google Workspace User Calendar and “Copper Reminders” Calendar.We’ve improved the performance of syncing Google Calendar Events to Copper, and when you change the “Copper Reminders” events auto-generated by Copper in Google Calendar, these changes update the corresponding Copper Tasks. For example, you can change the Copper Reminder event date to update the due date on Task records in Copper. This enables you to more seamlessly manage Copper reminders in Google Calendar and never miss a beat when prioritizing the tasks at hand.Tasks in Copper appear on “Copper Reminders” Calendar in Google Calendar New List View ImprovementsWe’ve added the following improvements to List Views: Ability to sort People records by Last Name Add Suggested Contacts in People Lists by selecting “Add from suggestions” when you click on the “Add Person” button in the top right of your People list Chrome Browser tabs now reflect the name of the List type or, if viewing a record, the name of the Record Improved UI/UX for sorting a List column and we’ve added a visual cue for re-sizing columns Visual changes to the button used to switch between Pipelines so it is more clearly a button Select “Add from suggestions” to add your suggested contacts Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with long comments being cut off in email notifications Fixed a bug with street addresses not being imported into Copper Fixed an issue with emails not syncing for some customers Fixed an issue with search results not finding records for some customers  

It’s official 💕 Copper’s new list views are here to upgrade how you CRM

Hey Copper community 👋Over the next few days, we’re moving the new list views experience out of Beta and into general availability for all Copper users. This means when your account has been moved over, you’ll automatically experience new lists when you log into your Copper account 🎉You’ll have all the features you loved about our old lists, with a whole new look and feel — plus new and exciting functionality to make working in your lists a breeze.   Our new list views experience is designed to increase your efficiency and productivity in Copper 🚀 Here are the updates and features we’ve added to help you stay laser-focused on building your important relationships: An updated, spreadsheet-like design: Easily consume and analyze key information to take the right next step In-line and bulk editing: Quickly update most fields in your Copper records individually, or in groups, right from your list More accessible filters: Create new filters in a few clicks and access saved filters faster to pick up right where you left off Expanded preview functionality from your list: Access a preview window of any record type to update or review details without losing your spot in your list — so you always stay in your flowA big thanks to everyone who shared feedback during the Beta. If you have any questions about the new list views functionality, please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat bubble in the bottom right corner of Copper. And if you want to see more on new list views, we demoed many of the features and functionality in our Coffee with Copper webinar — watch it here. The Copper team 

Introducing in-line editing to list views ✨[Public Beta]

The work continues on bringing you a better list views experience, and we’re happy to share that our latest update is live! You’re now able to edit most fields directly from the list view — so you can update details quickly without clicking in and out of individual records. Check it out ⬇️❗This feature is in public beta, meaning some functionally is not yet available. See details on what is included in this release below.We’re making it easier to stay in your flow and keep the most important details in front of you while making edits to fields like Contact Type, Date and custom text fields. You’re able to add notes quickly and keep your groove going by moving from one record to the next without ever switching screens 🔥Talk about powered up productivity 🚀 Here’s more info on what’s included in this release. You’re now able to edit: Text fields Text areas Numbers Phone number Address Percentage Date URL Checkbox Single-select drop downs Multi-select drop downs Owner Opportunity value Currency field Task nameThe in-line editing beta will not support edits to task activity type, primary person on an opportunity list or related company on a person list at this time. We’ve got more in store for you, so subscribe to our product updates channel in Community to stay in the loop. Have feedback on our new release? Share it in the comments below so we can continue building an awesome user experience. Melanie at Copper 

August 25, 2023 - Reactions on comments and Android app UI improvements

This week, we launched reactions on comments, made UI improvements to the Android app, and squashed some bugs.Reactions on CommentsYou can now add an emoji reaction to comments. This helps you efficiently collaborate with your team by allowing you to quickly acknowledge their messages.Users will receive in-app and mobile push notifications for reactions to their comments. To configure your notifications, head over to Settings > Personal Preferences > Notifications > Comments and Reactions.Reactions on comments is available on the desktop and iOS app. This feature will roll out on the Android app over the next few weeks.React to a comment with emojisAndroid AppWe made some improvements to the Android app: We updated the UI of the comments section within Activities. When writing comments, we added an @ button to make it easier to @mention team members. On the Feed, if you’re not on the top of the list, a pill will appear to notify you when you receive a new post. Updated UI when writing commentsBugs & Enhancements We updated Swaziland to it’s current name, Eswatini, in the Country field. We fixed a bug that caused a display issue with the Company Settings table header. We fixed a bug that caused a display issue with the Company Settings “Invite users” button. We fixed a bug that caused filtering to not work when entering text values greater than 15 characters. We improved the API keys UI to display more than 21 keys.

New in Copper: Days in stage reports 📊

Reports just got better 💪. You can now create reports on how long opportunities sit in a pipeline stage. This data can provide powerful insights into your pipeline to help you win more deals in less time. There are lots of ways you can use Days in stage reports, including: Improve processes: Easily identify opportunities that are sitting in a stage longer than average. If you notice a pattern, like multiple opportunities sitting in a particular stage for an extended period, you can hold team training aimed at helping improve the conversion rate between that stage and the next. Analyze performance: Compare how long it takes to close an opportunity from one referral source over another (e.g., a conference lead vs. a cold call lead). If you know that deals from a specific source close faster, you can start allocating more resources to create additional opportunities from that source.  Forecasting: Easily calculate your sales cycle length. Sales leaders can get even more granular by combining Days in stage data with other fields to get information on things like the average sales cycle in specific industries or regions.   You can access Days in stage reports in three ways:Dashboard templates: For those looking to get started right away, you can find the Average Opp Days in Pipeline chart and the Average Opp Days in Stage chart in the Sales Pipeline and Sales Forecasting template. Pre-built insights: If you’re looking to add these reports to your existing dashboards, you can find them under “Saved Insights.” They’re available as a chart or a table. Building an insight: If you’re looking to build something custom, you can access a selection of facts and attributes in the Insights Builder under the “Opportunity Days in Stage” group.For step-by-step information on setting up your Days in stage reports, check out our help article.

August 11, 2023 - Re-designed list views, "Days in Stage" reports, and improved bulk edit performance.

This week, we released our re-designed list views in public beta, introduced “days in stage” to our reporting suite, improved bulk edit performance, and squashed some bugs. List ViewsWe released our re-designed list views in public beta! When viewing People, Companies, Pipelines and Tasks as a list, you’ll see a brand new design.  In addition to new colors, icons, and other design elements to make it easier to understand your data and navigate through your lists, new list views also includes: Wider record preview Infinite preview (preview several related records without leaving the list) Saved filters panel  There’s more to come with list views! For a preview of things to come, be sure to check out our blog post, Three new features in Lists. Share any feedback on re-designed list views in our Community post. ReportsYou can now add a “Days in Stage” insight to your Reports Dashboard that calculates the number of days an opportunity sits in a stage. This will help you analyze sales cycle length, identify process improvements, and better forecast to win more deals in less time.You can find Days in stage reports in the Sales Forecast and Sales Pipeline dashboard templates, as a Saved Insight to add to an existing dashboard, or as a data item in Insights Builder to create custom reports.  Bulk EditWe made some major performance improvements to bulk editing. All updates of 15 records or less happen instantly. Most updates of up to 100 records complete in under 1 minute. Most updates over 100 records complete in under 3 minutes. Bugs & Enhancements We fixed a few bugs that were causing errors when using the Google Sheets add-on. We fixed a bug that caused the status of former users to stop displaying. We made some enhancements to the Billing page to improve clarity including updating the copy from “Change” to “Upgrade.” We updated the “Data Studio Reports” Settings page to “Looker Studio Reports” to reflect Google’s name change of the tool.

List views: Better and bolder! [Public Beta]

Your list views got an upgrade! When viewing People, Companies, Pipelines and Tasks as a list, you’ll now see them in our redesigned list views. ❗️This feature is in public beta, meaning some functionality (like bulk editing) is not yet available. If you need to perform certain actions that aren’t available, you can switch to old list views at any time. For a full list of functionality coming soon, check out this help article. Check out what’s new: Understand your data at a glance  “I’m really liking the new list views and finding uses for it that I never knew were possible to help me better organize my work and schedule.” Who knew a fresh coat of paint could make such a difference? We added vibrant colors, icons, and other design elements so you can more easily identify different fields. Navigate with ease  “Well arranged — more readable info on a single page.” Copper prides itself on being one of the most intuitive CRM systems in the market. We want to make sure anyone who uses Copper — whether you’ve been with us for years or are just starting out — can access what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Make using your CRM more fun  “I’ve only been using it a little while, but I can see it will be a game changer.” Did you know that list views is the most used feature on Copper? We wanted to bring a bit more joy into your day-to-day — so let’s move away from boring lists and have a bit more fun.   This is only the beginning! We have a few more things in store for your list views, like in-line editing. Get a sneak peek by checking out this article: Three new features in Lists. 

Top 5 features launched in spring 2023

This spring, our teams were hard at work launching features and releasing improvements with the goal of helping your business grow. Here’s a recap of the top 5 features and improvements we launched: Pipeline Templates  If you’re looking to build a traditional sales pipeline, there are plenty of resources available that show you which stages your opportunities should go through. But these stages won’t always be a fit for different industries or workflows. We put our expertise to work based on our customers' diverse use cases and Pipeline Templates were born. Instead of spending time trying to figure out how to structure your pipelines, now you can get started in a flash with prebuilt pipeline templates.  You can use these templates right away or as a starting point for a pipeline that you customize further.In case you missed it, our last Coffee with Copper webinar focused on pipelines. Check out the recording here.  With the addition of pipeline templates, we decided to sneak in an extra feature: duplicating existing pipelines. This one is for those of you who need to create several pipelines with the same stages. You can save time by skipping the tedious task of manually copying each stage from another pipeline.  Where to find it: When setting up a new pipeline, you have the choice to create one from scratch, choose a pipeline template, or copy an existing pipeline.  User Trials As your business and team grow, more people will need access to your Copper account. But it’s not always clear if you should add certain team members to your Copper account. We launched User Trials to reduce the decision-making around which team members should be given a seat. With User Trials, all users have the ability to invite a new user onto their Copper account for a 7-day free trial. These new users will have access to all of the paid features available to other users in the account. If the trial user finds value in using Copper, your account owner can assign them a paid seat anytime during or after the trial period.  Where to find it: All users can invite new users to a free trial by using the “Invite Users” button on the side menu of Copper.  iOS and Android app navigation Our mobile apps got an upgrade! More than ever, users are taking Copper with them on the go. Whether it’s accessing Copper while traveling, quickly checking a comment your team member made, or even making calls using your mobile device - we want to make sure your mobile app experience is smooth. Since we work with Google Workspace (and we're the only CRM Recommended for Google Workspace), we used Google’s design principles to give our mobile app navigation a facelift. A sleeker look and feel makes the mobile apps a delight to use. Our biggest upgrade was to the navigation, giving users access to their most important records in one tap. People, Companies, Opportunities, and Tasks records can always be accessed in the bottom menu. All other menu items can be found by tapping the additional menu on the top left.  Where to find it: Our mobile apps! If you don’t have the apps downloaded, find us in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Activities refresh When working with your team, good collaboration is key. You rely on team members to give you helpful feedback, answer questions in a timely manner, and also keep you motivated. That’s why we decided to give activities a bit of a refresh. First off, we improved the notifications you get from updates to activities. Users now receive mobile and email notifications when team members comment on activities they created and activities they commented on. This way, users don’t miss relevant discussions and can respond to their team members more quickly. We also extended the ability to add emoji reactions to activities – something that was already available in the desktop app and Chrome extension. Users can acknowledge activities and celebrate wins without overwhelming team members with distracting text replies while on the go!  Email syncing In addition to the new features we launched, we also made several performance improvements in the background. One of the biggest improvements we made this quarter was to email syncing. We wanted to make sure your CRM account is always up to date. As you send and receive new emails, you should be able to find them on Copper right away. We were able to make email syncing lightning-fast. Now, emails sync from Gmail to Copper in a matter of minutes! You can rest assured that your records are up to date with your latest communications.And that’s a wrap for this quarter’s updates! We hope these new features and improvements help make their daily workflows more effortless and productive for your team. We’re working on some big things this quarter, so stay tuned.Have an idea for a feature or a problem you’d like us to help you solve? Share your ideas in our Ideas board. 

July 7, 2023 - Home Feed for mobile, click-to-call from Copper Android app to RingCentral, and Copper Tasks sync to Google Calendar

This week, we began rolling out a new Home Feed for mobile, added click-to-call from the Copper Android app to RingCentral, updated the Copper Tasks sync to Google Calendar, and squashed some bugs.Home FeedWe launched a Home Feed in our mobile apps so users can better collaborate with their team on the go. The Home Feed will display: Comments on activities the user created Comments in a thread the user commented on Reactions to an activity the user created Reactions to comments the user created When someone @mentions the user This feature is rolling out to all iOS app users over the next few weeks and will be available to Android app users afterward.Android AppUsers can now dial out through the RingCentral app when placing a call from the Copper mobile app. This feature is rolling out in the coming weeks. Once available, users can configure this integration in the Settings of the Copper Android app.We also made it easier to organize tasks by grouping completed tasks in a separate list.Copper Tasks sync with Google CalendarWe made an update to ensure that Copper Tasks will continue to sync with Google Calendar. They will now show up as calendar events in the “Copper Reminders” calendar. Previously, they showed up as calendar reminders. You can read about the full details of the update here. Bugs & Minor Enhancements On the Android app, we fixed the following: We fixed a bug that caused tapping on the Primary Contact field on an Opportunity to not direct to the contact record. We fixed a bug that caused the "Related To" field to only show recent contacts when creating Tasks.