July 29 - Advanced filtering on text fields

Record filteringYou asked, and we listened — advanced filtering on text fields will soon be available in Copper! You’ll be able to easily locate and segment important records by filtering on default and custom free form text fields right from the web app.With Copper’s new advanced filtering, you can: Filter on default and custom text fields on your Copper records to locate important contacts and companies Match text fields “exactly”, “containing”, “with any value”, or “with no value” to flexibly segment your customer records Import data with custom text fields you can later filter on — no need to reformat your data in order to use filters To get started, click on the “filter” in the top right corner of a Company, People, Opportunity or Task list. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the filter list. The fields where advanced text filtering is available will show “Select Settings” to the right.Click the Filter icon near the top right corner, then scroll down to your text filters.From there, you can select the conditional logic you’d like to filter on (matching “exactly”, “containing”, “with any value” or “with no value”).Additionally, we will also be rolling out the ability to select multiple criteria over the next few weeks. You’ll also be able to take it a step further by using the match “any”, “all” or “none” function to qualify your search.Coming Soon: “any”, “all” or “none”, and selecting multiple criteria. Bugs & EnhancementsWe’ve squashed a few bugs this week:Some areas of our import and export tool had mentions of “Prosperworks” (our old company name) that we’ve now switched to “Copper.”  We’ve increased security on our web app email.We’ve also made a few small enhancements: When you’re creating a new Pipeline, when you click “Done”, we’ve added an animation to indicate that your new Pipeline is being built. Within (New) Reports, bar charts, column charts and stacked area charts are now in the same left-to-right order as the legend. Within records, we’ve made empty custom date fields easier to understand. For example, if your organization has created a “Birthday” custom date field, and that field is empty, it will say “Add Birthday.”

July 15, 2022 - Custom field creation on records and support improvements

This week, we added an “add new field” button to add custom fields directly on records. We’ve also made improvements to our support experience. Custom fields Admins and account owners can now create new custom fields directly in Person, Opportunity or Company records.Previously, all custom fields needed to be added in your Copper customization settings. Now, whenever you identify missing data that you want to add to a record, you can simple click “Add a new field” - saving you time and without losing context. From there, you can select the type of field, the name, and which records you want it to appear on.To add a new field, look for the grey button in the “detail” list while previewing the record in the side tray, or on the bottom left of the record when in full page view.Add a new custom field within a Person, Company or Opportunity record, then choose where the field should appear.​The button only appears to admins and account owners. Editing or removing custom fields can be done by heading to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records. Support The Copper support team has been hard at work upgrading your support experience. You can now: Have quick questions answered by our AI-powered assistant, or talk to a real person. We’ve invested resources into achieving faster response times. Chat with our support team from anywhere! You can start a conversation on desktop, then continue your conversation via email via notifications within the Copper mobile app. Find resources faster, from training documents, webinars, how-to guides and release notes. On desktop, click the pink help icon in the bottom right corner. On mobile, click the settings menu, then click “Help & Support.”The pink help icon in the bottom right corner has everything you need to become a Copper expert.As part of our improvement efforts, the small grey help icon in the top right corner of the web app has been removed. Release notes are now also housed within the help portal. If you want to receive release notes via email as soon as they are available, head over to Copper Community, then click the “Subscribe” button.

July 1, 2022 - Mobile app support, email visibility settings, and legacy Google Workspace add-on sunset

This week, we started rolling out new support options in our mobile app, provided new settings for admins and account owners to set the default email visibility for all users, and sunset our legacy Google Workspace add-on.MobileYou’ll soon be able to chat with our support team, access support links, and learn about new features directly from our iOS and Android mobile apps! Click the menu in the bottom right corner, then click “Help & Support.Click the menu in the bottom right corner, click “Help & Support”, and the same support experience you see on desktop will now appear on mobile.In addition, you’ll soon be able to upload files from Dropbox to Copper from the Android app. You also now have the option to take a photo or attach a previously taken photo on Android. SettingsWe rolled out a new setting that enables Copper admins to set a default email visibility for all account users. Until recently, your Copper users could decide if they wanted their email content and files to be visible to all other users by default, or private. Now, admins can set the default email visibility  for all users.At Copper, we’re all about transparency. We’ve found that giving teams visibility into the conversations happening with their customers is instrumental to their success with Copper. For that reason, we strongly recommend changing your organization’s setting to “always visible by default.” Just head over to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings and Templates. Scroll down to “Individual Email Visibility Control (Admin)” and select “No (Always visible by default).” It looks like this:Admins and Account Owners will have the option to set the default visibility for synced emails across all user accounts.Once this setting is changed, only new emails will be set as visible. Previously synced emails will retain their original setting. End-users can still mark any individual email as visible or private, if required, within records.Google Workspace Add-OnWe’ve made the difficult decision to sunset our legacy Copper CRM Add-On for Google Workspace, and focus our development efforts on the Copper Chrome Extension.Our Chrome Extension has a number of added features that the Add-On did not have, including: Full functionality across all record types Surface synced files, and attach files from Copper See additional information from connected tools like QuickBooks and Mailchimp Create tasks and reminders from emails and records Email templates and merge fields We do still offer our Copper CRM for Google Sheets Add-On, which allows you to export data from Copper into Google Sheets. It was also recently selected as a Recommended for Google Workspace app.

June 17, 2022 - Text filtering, web tracking for forms, and mobile login enhancements

This week, we started rolling out text filtering, improved our web tracking via forms, introduced a new mobile welcome screen, added some Google data access settings, and squashed some bugs. 🔊 Want to be notified as new features are rolled out? Subscribe to our release notes!Head over to our Product Updates page, then click the purple “Subscribe” button on the right hand side. If you’re new to Copper Community, you’ll need to sign in with your Copper account before subscribing. Text FilteringYou asked - we delivered! We are rolling out the ability to filter on free form text fields.Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to filter on default or custom text fields across people, opportunity, company, project and task records. Text filtering can help you more easily locate and segment your records, and assist with importing new data into Copper.When in a list or pipelines view, text fields that can be filtered will have a “Show Settings” option to the right. When selected, you can match text fields “exactly”, “containing”, “with any value”, or “with no value.” Click “Filters”, then select the text field you want to filter.In July, we will also introduce the ability to add “and” “or” and “none” options, to filter even further on text fields. Subscribe to our release notes to be notified when this becomes available! Marketing ToolsOur website visitor tracking can now identify visitor traffic to contacts that fill out any HTML form, or select iframe forms.Before, we only supported a select number of HTML forms, and any other forms required additional HTML class settings in the form. Those HTML class settings are no longer required.You still need to use the App Connector to have new form fills added to Copper automatically. These new updates only layer in web visits to existing contact records.Website visitor tracking is available for Copper Business plan customers. For more information, read our support article here. MobileWe rolled out a new welcome screen on our iOS and Android mobile app. Fun fact - when you click on the people icons - they turn into checkmarks and fade away!SettingsWe rolled out a new setting under “Personal Preferences” > “My Preferences”. By clicking on Google Account access management link under “Account Activity Security”, users can revoke Google data access and end active sessions. Users could already revoke access to Copper from within their Google Workspace account, however we are now surfacing this setting inside Copper. Bugs & Minor EnhancementsWe fixed several bugs across our web app and mobile app. We fixed a bug where the pipeline page broke for a small number of customers We improved accessibility by increasing text contract on our login screen and custom fields settings page. We fixed an issue where a small number of Android users trying to upload a file from Google Drive received a “this app is blocked” error message.

It’s here! Files at your fingertips with Copper’s latest release 📂

The file goose chase 🦆 is over! A new way to access and organize important customer files is here. Being in a customer-facing role, you’ve probably noticed your files aren’t always where you need them to be — especially if you’re following up on customer conversations from days or weeks ago. Our newest release puts files right at your fingertips with Copper’s auto-related files and easy access to documents right from Gmail. The days of searching through Google Drive folders, emails and message threads are behind us 🚀 You’ll be on the ball with customer interactions and able to spend more time doing actual work instead of searching for that elusive file 🔍 Check out this quick video overview: How does it work? ⚠️ Heads-up! You’ll need to enable this feature to get started. Check “mark synced emails visible and automatically relate files to records” in your settings if you haven’t already. You can access that setting here. Surface your most important client documents where you need themYour files section has gotten a facelift, and you’ll be able to toggle between three different options:  Your manually uploaded files will continue to appear under Uploads  Under Auto-Related, Files and Google Docs emailed to contacts in Copper now appear automatically on their Person record 💪 Under All Files, you’ll see both documents you’ve manually uploaded and your auto-related files  You can search by name and preview or download the files you need ✨ New auto-related files accessible on your People records Discover People files related to Companies and Opportunities Company and Opportunity records also got a facelift! You’re now able to explore files added to Person records within a Company or Opportunity. No need to flip-flop between record types to find the document you’re looking for 👀 Click on People Files and select a contact to look through the files associated with their record.  Access People files right from Company and Opportunity records Locate and send documents right from GmailThings get even more exciting in Gmail! When you have Copper’s Google Chrome extension installed and you’re composing an email, you can now click the paperclip icon 📎 to add files directly from Copper. When Add from Copper is selected, you can search for files by name or by People, or peruse your most recent files 🙌 Add documents right from Copper in your Gmail inbox How do I use this new functionality?  Copper’s new file features are now available to all customers. To ensure everything is working properly, you should: 🚨Install the Copper Chrome extension to use this functionality in Gmail.🚨Make sure your synced emails are visible, which allows attached files and links to be auto-related to your records, and your team to have visibility. Go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings and Templates, then ✓ check “Mark synced emails visible and automatically relate files to records.”  Frequently asked questions:  How far back will Copper auto-relate files? Auto-relating files will only happen for net-new files and emails synced to Copper.  What if I don’t want to use this functionality?By toggling your file view to Uploads, you’ll only see files you and your team have manually uploaded. If you don’t want files to auto-relate to records, you also have the option to set “mark emails as private” in your email settings. Does the feature recognize duplicate files?The auto-relate functionality will recognize duplicate files by file name, content or ID (if it’s in Google Drive or a Google Doc). For example, if a file is shared multiple times in an email thread, it’ll only appear once within the Person record’s auto-related file section.  We hope you enjoy this new functionality and we look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂The Copper team

June 3, 2022 - File organization and updated lead scoring

This week, we rolled out our new file organization features to all customers, added the ability to assign unique lead scores to specific webpage URLs, and fixed bugs on Android. Gmail Sync It’s here! Last month, we announced we were working on a new way to access and organize important customer files - and it’s now available to all Copper customers on all plans!The days of searching through Google Drive folders, emails and message threads are behind us. All the files you send to customers will now be automatically added to records in Copper. Here’s how it works:Automatically attach files and Google Drive links from Gmail or Calendar to Copper records. You won't need to worry if your team remembers to upload files — and if a team member leaves, every file will be accounted for. Files and Google Drive links shared in emails automatically upload to Copper and relate to records Surface files across your person, company and opportunity records. No need to open multiple tools to see all your files; you can see exactly what was sent, and to whom, without losing track amongst many sales calls and sometimes months-long sales cycles.To see files, navigate to the right-hand side of your screen, then click the “Files” drop down. If you’re in Gmail or side-tray mode, you’ll need to click the “Related” tab first, then click the “Files” drop down.Files you send to your contacts will surface on company and opportunity records.Attach files from Copper directly to your emails. Copper makes suggestions based on files you commonly attach to emails, eliminating the hunting and pecking you used to do.Click the paperclip icon, and select “Add from Copper.” Using this functionality in Gmail requires our Copper Chrome extension.Find files you commonly attach when drafting an email.⚠️  To get started, you’ll need to make sure your synced emails are visible, which allows attached files and links to be auto-related to your records, and your team to have visibility.Go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings and Templates, then ✓ check “Mark synced emails visible and automatically relate files to records.” Marketing ToolsCopper’s Marketing Tools now supports lead scoring by URL. Previously, any and all website visits by a lead were scored the same. Now, you can score webpages that demonstrate higher intent (like your pricing page) with a higher score than other pages. This feature is now available within Marketing Tools on Copper’s Business plan.Score webpages that demonstrate higher intent (like your pricing page) with more points.Bugs 🐞We squashed several bugs on our Android app: We fixed an issue where searching for a record only showed one record at the top of the list We fixed a bug where scrolling through all contacts only showed the first 65 contacts We resolved an issue where saved pipeline filters were not appearing, and the section was blank.

May 20, 2022 - New Mailchimp integration and mobile photo attachments

This week, we launched a brand new Mailchimp integration, and added the ability to take and attach photos to emails in the Copper iOS app. We also teased a new file sync feature coming soon that auto-relates files to people, opportunity and company records. Mailchimp IntegrationYou asked - we listened! We’ve built a brand-new, super-smooth integration for Copper and Mailchimp. Now, you can: Automatically add or remove contacts in both Copper and Mailchimp via a 2-way sync. Sync standard fields, custom fields and tags between Copper and Mailchimp. View Mailchimp audience campaign performance and engagement directly in Copper. With our new Mailchimp integration now live, we’ll be phasing out the legacy Mailchimp integration by the end of 2022. Upgrading is easy — account owners and admins can simply disconnect the legacy integration and connect the new integration. The new version will pick up where the legacy one left off, and no data will be lost. For step-by-step instructions, click here. Gmail Sync We’re excited to share that a new way to store and organize your files from Gmail is coming your way! Soon you can: Automatically upload and sync all new files attached in Gmail emails or Google Calendar invites to the associated Person record.  Surface your important customer files across person, company and opportunity records. Search for and easily locate files to attach to emails in Gmail, in the Copper web app, and in the Copper mobile app. Surface important customer files across person, company and opportunity records.This feature will start rolling out over the next few weeks. For more details, click here! Mobile AppOn our iOS app, you can now take a photo and attach it to an email from within the Copper email composer. Previously, you needed to take the photo separately, then open your Copper app and attach that photo. Now, you have the option to take a photo or attach a previously taken photo.You can now take a photo, choose an existing photo from your library, or attach from Google Drive.Bugs & Minor EnhancementsWe fixed a bug when a user created a task, project or opportunity and assigned it to their colleague, the task briefly appeared in their creator’s list until the page was refreshed.

Introducing the new Copper and Mailchimp 2-way integration 🥳

Our updated Copper and Mailchimp integration is here! Brb, while we do a happy dance 💃The new super-smooth 2-way sync integration includes standard and custom field mapping, tag syncing and engagement metrics to supercharge your email game. This upgrade means both Copper and Mailchimp databases are always current — no email or lead is left behind 🙌 Automatically update Copper and Mailchimp with 2-way sync The new 2-way functionality allows you to do more than ever with Copper and Mailchimp:  👉 Automatically add or remove contacts in both Copper and MailchimpKeep your entire customer base up-to-date in each system with automated sync. People and Leads from Copper will push to Mailchimp audiences, and vice versa. The sync triggers on creating and updating records in either platform.  👉 Segment smarter with automatic syncing of fields and tagsLevel up your personalization by bringing in the right customer details through 1:1 sync of fields and tags between Copper and Mailchimp.  👉 Access the full picture of audience engagement, all in one placeView audience campaign performance and engagement directly in Copper — no need to switch tabs to view analytics in Mailchimp. How do I get the new integration? The new integration is native to Copper. You’ll find it under Settings > Integrations > Integrations. Once there, locate the “Mailchimp [NEW]” integration tile and hit ‘Connect’. Read the full instructions here or watch the how-to video below!  What happens if I'm using the previous Copper and Mailchimp integration? The previous version of Copper’s Mailchimp integration (Legacy Mailchimp) will continue to work until the end of the year. We suggest you switch to the latest version as soon as you can to take advantage of all the new features 🙂 Happy emailing! 💌The team at Copper 

Customer files at your fingertips 📂

Drumroll 🥁 please! We’re excited to share that a new way to store and organize your files is coming your way 🥳We know that despite your team’s best efforts to stay organized, files seem to go missing right when we need them. We can waste a lot of time clicking into multiple Google Drive folders, search bars, Gmail conversations and message threads — or even asking colleagues for that elusive proposal or report. The file goose chase is enough to drive us mad 🦆This tangled mess of unfindable files can make your team appear disorganized and unprofessional to your clients. Plus, it costs you so much time that could be better spent doing actual work 😰 You can end the file goose chase Copper will soon make it easier than ever to surface your most important client documents where you need them. No more searching around for a file you might’ve sent months ago. Files and Google Docs emailed to customers in Copper will automatically auto-relate to their Person record 💪From there you can search through all files auto-related or manually uploaded to that Person record in Copper and preview or download the files you need ✨New file interface in Copper People records will reveal auto-related files But that’s not all! Company and Opportunity records will also have a new file interface in Copper allowing you to explore files added to Person records within Companies or Opportunities. No need to flip back and forth between record types to find the documents you’re looking for — efficiency at its finest!You’ll see files related to Person records within Companies and Opportunities The fun doesn’t stop there. When you click the paperclip icon 📎 while composing in Gmail, you’ll have the option to add files directly from Copper!When selected, you can search for files by name or by Person, or look through your most recent files 🔥 Search for files right from your Gmail inbox  Coming soon These exciting new features will roll out to Copper customers over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you should: Have the Copper Chrome extension installed to use this functionality in Gmail. Ensure you mark synced emails visible, so you and your team members can see the files and emails sent to customers. Head to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates, then check “Mark synced emails visible and automatically relate files to records.” You’ll be able to share your past emails and files if you choose.  We’re excited to hear what you think!The team at Copper 

May 6, 2022 - Report scheduling and UTM code tracking in Marketing Tools

This week, we updated our scheduled email feature for Reports for more customization, added UTM codes on Copper person and lead records for Business tier customers, and made error code improvements on our RingCentral integration. Reports 📊We've made some updates to our scheduled email feature for reports:You can now make changes to existing scheduled emails. Before, once a scheduled email was set up, it was not possible to edit the email. All recipients needed to click the unsubscribe link in the email. You can now change the time the email is sent, and add or remove recipients. You can now add more than one dashboard or insight to a single scheduled report. Previously, you could only send one email per dashboardUpdate scheduled reports and add multiple dashboards or insights To edit your scheduled emails, head to Reports > click “…” in the top left corner, then click “schedule emailing.”Marketing Tools 🔍We’ve updated our web visitor tracking feature to allow UTM codes to be surfaced on contact records. Previously, tracked UTM codes were visible only within Marketing Tools tab Web > Channel Report. Now, a contact’s source (like a search engine or domain) and medium (like organic, paid or referral) will appear directly in your Person and Lead records. This functionality will allow you to:Sort and organize your prospects to prioritize outreach based on your most important leads - like prospects referred to you from a preferred partner, or prospects that came to you through a time-sensitive promotion. Build in-depth reports to visualize how different sources and mediums contribute to your overall sales, so you can optimize your marketing efforts in the future. UTM codes like lead source, referrer and landing pages now sync to Copper leads and person recordsThis feature will be rolled out to Business tier customers over the coming weeks. To learn more about web visitor tracking in Marketing Tools, click here.  Bugs & Minor Enhancements 🐞Developer API - We resolved an issue that prevented customers from being able to fetch records when using a custom text field value to search. RingCentral Integration - To make it easier for Copper customers to integrate with RingCentral for the first time, we’ve made a few updates:We’ve clarified the error messages that are displayed during the setup process, including authorization, timeouts and permissions. We’ve also clarified the message that appears when a standard user attempts to set up an integration. For security reasons - RingCentral only allows “super administrators” to initially set up integrations.

New in Marketing Tools: Capture full traffic source data and UTM codes automatically to better understand campaign performance 🔍

Exciting news for Copper’s Marketing Tools 🎉 Our web visitor tracking feature can now record UTM codes directly in your Person and Lead records, providing you more insight into the campaigns and sources driving prospects to take action 🚀New source and medium data visible in People and Lead recordsWhen a contact completes a form on your website or clicks a link in your email, information about their web visit is pulled into Marketing Tools’ Web Tracking. UTM tags are recorded automatically, and if none are available, the tool will auto-detect the source and medium. Previously, this information was only visible within the Marketing Tools tab under Web > Channel Report. Now, you’ll be able to view a contact’s source (ex. search engine or website domain) and medium (ex. organic, paid or referral), referrer URL and landing page directly in your Person and Lead records 🙌 This information is visible automatically as custom fields. No setup is required on your end 👍 Access next-level insights with UTM data This new functionality will help you: Prioritize your outreach based on your most important leadsSee and act on key source information like whether prospects were referred to you by preferred partners or engaged with you through a time-sensitive promotion. Optimize your future marketing effortsBuild in-depth reports to analyze how different campaigns are driving sales for your business, and ensure your marketing strategies are utilizing your strongest sources of traffic.  Available now  This feature is now available for Business tier customers. To learn more about our Business plan, reach out to our sales team at sales@copper.com. 

Google Calendar’s appointment scheduler is here!

Exciting news 🎉 Google recently announced they’re rolling out a new appointment scheduling feature for select Google Workspace editions*. The new Google Calendar appointment scheduler makes it easier than ever to share your availability with external prospects, clients and partners via a booking page. No more playing email tag to find the best time to meet 😅And the best part — Google’s new feature works seamlessly with Copper. Scheduled meetings automatically sync to the Copper contact’s Person record. This way, all of your meetings — even the ones a contact has booked themselves — are tracked 🙌 Meet the new Google Calendar appointment scheduler experience To get started, open Google Calendar and click the “Create +” button. Select “Appointment schedule” from the list, and follow the steps from there.  How does the Google Calendar appointment scheduler work with Copper? Copper already syncs with Google Calendar, so any meetings scheduled with a Copper contact using the appointment scheduler will automatically appear on their contact record.  👉 Pro Tip: to save time when sending an appointment scheduling link, you can create a new email template to easily add invites to your outgoing messages in Gmail or in the Copper email composer.  Which Google Workspace plans can access this feature? The following plan types are not eligible for the Google Calendar appointment scheduling feature:  Free Gmail personal accounts Free Google Workspace Essentials Google Workspace Business Starter Google Workspace Frontline Legacy G Suite Basic or Business customers that have not transitioned to a new Google Workspace plan  What if I use Copper’s meeting scheduler? Following the new release of the Google Calendar appointment scheduler, we’ll be sunsetting our native Meeting Scheduler by the end of 2022. We encourage our customers on eligible Google Workspace plans to start using the Google Calendar appointment scheduling feature as soon as possible to minimize disruption. For companies requiring a more robust scheduling function or that aren’t eligible for Google Calendar appointment scheduling, we suggest exploring Calendly or Calendar Hero as alternatives. Both offer free versions, automatic syncing with Copper, and more in-depth integrations if needed.  Let us know what you think!Melanie

February 25th, 2022 - File preview actions, Pipeline setup flow and mobile app onboarding

This week, we’re introducing new file preview actions, a new setup flow for Pipelines and mobile app onboarding for first-time users. As always, we squashed some bugs as well!Coming soon: New file preview actions 📑When you’re working with files attached to records, we’ll be adding additional options in the next few weeks: Click to preview: When hovering over files, you can now preview the file in a new browser tab. Previously, clicking the title would download the file by default. New Action Icons: We’ve added three new icons to the right of files, which allow you to download files, get more information, or remove the file from the record. New File Preview Actions Coming soon: Pipeline setup flow 🪄We’ll soon be making it more intuitive to create new pipelines in Copper! When you create a new pipeline, you’ll be greeted by a new setup flow that will ask you to name your pipeline and stages. An animation will show you what your new Pipeline will look like once you’ve saved it.“Setup Your Pipeline”If you need to set team and win percentages in your pipeline, this can be done by editing your pipeline after creating it. We’re rolling out a pipeline creation flow to all customers over the next few weeks. Mobile app onboarding ✨We’ve introduced a new onboarding experience that appears when you download our mobile app for the first time. Don’t have our mobile app yet? Download it now on Google Play or the Apple App Store!Bugs 🐞 In the iOS app, we’ve fixed an issue where some users could not add new comment threads, and a bug where notes on the activity feed were being cut off. In the Android app, we’ve made our automatic call logging more flexible by supporting numbers that contain special characters. We’ve also fixed a bug where users were unable to convert Leads to Person records. In the Copper web app, we fixed two broken links in the menu: the “Mobile Apps” link directs to a new page on our homepage, and “Send Feedback” now directs to the Ideas page on Copper Community.

January 28th 2022 - Developer API enhancements

This week, we’ve introduced updates to our developer API, and tackled bugs in our Google Chrome extension, in-app email and mobile apps. Developer API 🔌Computed custom field values 🔠On the Developer API, any eligible endpoint that returns custom fields can now also return with their corresponding text values, using a new optional parameter.When an entity with custom fields is returned, by default the option IDs would need to be mapped to their corresponding labels via a call to GET /v1/custom_field_definitions, causing an extra request to be made. To reduce HTTP traffic, you can now add an optional query param custom_field_computed_values=true to any eligible endpoints that return custom fields in order to retrieve the custom field's "computed_value".Existing API connections that do not use the new param will continue to operate as normal. For more information, review our Copper Developer API documentation. Bugs 🐞 Google Chrome extension 🌐We resolved an issue with our Google Chrome extension in Google Calendar, which caused some customers to receive an error message when logging in.In-app emailWe resolved two issues when sending emails while using the previous and next feature to navigate between multiple records in full screen view. The issue caused emails to be sent to the incorrect recipient and merge fields not updating correctly. We resolved an issue with bulk email where merge fields were not populating when navigating through people during bulk email preview. Copper mobile apps 📱We resolved a bug on our Android app where automatic call and SMS logging was not being logged as an activity if the phone number had gaps or spaces. We resolved a bug on our iOS app where some users were being logged out each time they closed the app.  We fixed an issue on our iOS app where the app would crash when changing from one pipeline with fewer stages into another pipeline with more stages.

Copper wrapped 🎁: 2021 Product round-up

Can you believe 2022 is almost here!? It’s been an exciting year here at Copper, and we’re taking a look back at some of the year’s key feature releases driving value for our customers.Let’s look back on the top releases of 2021 🥳  Make magic happen with Copper in your Google Calendar We must say, this product update had us over the moon🌛 The Copper Chrome extension integrates with your Google Calendar so you can instantly contextualize every Calendar event, add new meeting attendees to Copper with one click, and make sure you’re prepared for every meeting. No need to break your workflow by switching between tabs ✅ Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Google Calendar with the Copper Chrome extension. Level up your marketing efforts with Marketing ToolsWe launched Marketing Tools to help you better engage with your leads and customers 💪 With marketing tools, you can create contacts from web form submissions, send automated personalized emails to your customers, track customer engagement on your website, and optimize opportunities with lead scoring 🔥 Marketing Tools are available on our Business plan. Gather insights to grow your business with our new ReportsIn 2021 we dropped a major Reports release 💣 to help you better gather and analyze your business insights. Supercharge 🔌 your business with these reporting features:  Dashboard templates to give you better visibility with out-of-the-box report functionality 📦 Reports customization to help you create and customize your own dashboard and personalize reports for your business  Report sharing with scheduled emails and PDF exports of your dashboards Cross record support to help you report on opportunities based on criteria of the related company, and other fields  Activity reporting templates and custom insights to quickly see deals in play, measure success, and keep your team motivated and moving 🏃 Reports are available on our Professional and Business plans.  Do business from anywhere with Copper’s mobile appOur team focused lots of energy on getting you up and running no matter where you are with new mobile app functionality this year. Never miss a beat with these mobile features 📲  Import contacts from your device on iOS and Android into our mobile app 👥 Assisted call-logging for iOS and Android will automatically draft a phone call activity when you start a call within a Copper contact or lead record Use SMS logging inside the iOS and Android apps to track your texts with the new SMS activity type 💬 Send email attachments right from the mobile app — simply hit the paperclip icon 📎 to select your files  Make things easier while on-the-go by accessing email templates and merge fields though the mobile app  But that’s not all she wrote… here are just a few of our community ideas we’re working on for 2022: Make sure you’re getting the most out of Copper as we head into the new year! We look forward to taking on the new year with you, our wonderful customers 💖 The team at Copper

December 17th 2021 - App Connector integrations & mobile app enhancements

Marketing Tools New App Connector integrations: Facebook Lead Ads and Gravity Forms 🔌We’ve expanded our Marketing Tools' App Connector offering to Facebook Lead Ads and Gravity Forms. New form fills are added to Copper as a Lead or Person. If the Lead or Person already exists, we’ll log an activity with the captured form data.This feature is available to customers on Business tier plan, which provides scaling companies with email sequences, additional integrations, and customization. Want to learn more? Reach out to accounts@copper.com. Mobile App SMS logging 💬A few weeks ago, we introduced the new default SMS activity type. Now, we’re taking a step further by adding SMS logging on iOS and Android! SMS logging helps you log an activity in Copper whenever you send an SMS message. For iOS mobile app users, you can now send SMS messages to People and Leads from the Copper app, and have an activity logged. Due to restrictions by Apple, Copper cannot log messages sent outside the Copper app (SMS messages must start from Copper app first), log messages you receive from a contact, or access the actual content of SMS messages. You’ll see this feature on your next iOS app update.Assisted SMS logging on iOSFor Android mobile app users, you can now automatically log an activity whenever you send or receive an SMS message from a Person or Lead in Copper. We do all the work, so you don’t have to! To get started, head to your Copper mobile app settings, click SMS, click the SMS Tracking toggle, then click “Allow.” Due to restrictions by Google, we are not able to access the content of SMS messages. You’ll see this feature on your next Android app update.Enable automatic SMS logging on AndroidEmail attachments, templates & merge fields ✉️You can now send email attachments from the Copper mobile app! When drafting an email in the Copper app, simply click on the paperclip 📎icon in the top right corner and select the file you want to send. On iOS, you can send images from your Photo Library or iCloud Drive files. On Android, you can send Photos or Google Drive files.Copper email templates and merge fields help you answer repetitive questions faster, and now you can access your templates and merge fields on-the-go from within the Copper mobile app. When you start to draft an email from the Copper app, you will now have the option to select templates or merge fields. This feature is available to customers on Professional or Business tier plans. You’ll see these feature on your next app update.Attachments, templates and merge fieldsRingCentral app support 📞We now support the RingCentrals MVP (formerly RingCentral Office) app when placing calls from the Copper mobile app. To use this feature, you must have the RingCentral-Copper integration and the RingCentral MVP app installed on your mobile device. This feature is available to customers on Professional or Business tier plans. You’ll see this feature on your next app update.With RingCentral MVP, you can call out using the RingCentral app 

Activity reporting templates and custom insights now available in Copper 🥳

You asked, and we listened! We’re happy to announce activity reporting templates and custom insights are now available to our professional and business plan account admins 🎉With our new activity reporting templates and custom insights builder, you can quickly and easily see the deals in play to help measure success, keep your team motivated and important processes flowing smoothly.  Activity reporting will help you:  Keep your team happy and energized by recognizing team members doing great work, and motivating them with targeted and constructive coaching. Get visibility into your team’s day-to-day activities so you can measure success and better identify opportunities — no need to dig through a clunky spreadsheet.  Understand the activities driving success so you can build scalable team processes that keep deals moving forward and help nurture key relationships.  Easily identify high-value clients, ensuring your most important relationships are receiving the attention they deserve.  And the fun doesn’t stop there 👉 Time zone supportWe’re meeting you where you are with our new time zone support. Reports will now timestamp in the account owner’s set time zone instead of UTC. No more mental time zone conversions necessary 👌 Report refresh ratesOver the coming months, Copper will be working to increase our New Reports refresh rate! We’ve made good progress so far by adding additional refresh periods and we’re continuing to work towards real-time updates 🔄 Keep an eye out for more info.  Get moving with activity reportingIf you’re ready to dive deeper into activity reporting templates and the custom insights builder, check out our reporting best practices article available on Copper Community.  Activity reporting is only available on the professional or business plan. To learn more, reach out to our sales team at sales@copper.com. We look forward to hearing what you think about activity reporting!