Introducing in-line editing to list views ✨[Public Beta]

The work continues on bringing you a better list views experience, and we’re happy to share that our latest update is live! You’re now able to edit most fields directly from the list view — so you can update details quickly without clicking in and out of individual records. Check it out ⬇️❗This feature is in public beta, meaning some functionally is not yet available. See details on what is included in this release below.We’re making it easier to stay in your flow and keep the most important details in front of you while making edits to fields like Contact Type, Date and custom text fields. You’re able to add notes quickly and keep your groove going by moving from one record to the next without ever switching screens 🔥Talk about powered up productivity 🚀 Here’s more info on what’s included in this release. You’re now able to edit: Text fields Text areas Numbers Phone number Address Percentage Date URL Checkbox Single-select drop downs Multi-select drop downs Owner Opportunity value Currency field Task nameThe in-line editing beta will not support edits to task activity type, primary person on an opportunity list or related company on a person list at this time. We’ve got more in store for you, so subscribe to our product updates channel in Community to stay in the loop. Have feedback on our new release? Share it in the comments below so we can continue building an awesome user experience. Melanie at Copper 

August 25, 2023 - Reactions on comments and Android app UI improvements

This week, we launched reactions on comments, made UI improvements to the Android app, and squashed some bugs.Reactions on CommentsYou can now add an emoji reaction to comments. This helps you efficiently collaborate with your team by allowing you to quickly acknowledge their messages.Users will receive in-app and mobile push notifications for reactions to their comments. To configure your notifications, head over to Settings > Personal Preferences > Notifications > Comments and Reactions.Reactions on comments is available on the desktop and iOS app. This feature will roll out on the Android app over the next few weeks.React to a comment with emojisAndroid AppWe made some improvements to the Android app: We updated the UI of the comments section within Activities. When writing comments, we added an @ button to make it easier to @mention team members. On the Feed, if you’re not on the top of the list, a pill will appear to notify you when you receive a new post. Updated UI when writing commentsBugs & Enhancements We updated Swaziland to it’s current name, Eswatini, in the Country field. We fixed a bug that caused a display issue with the Company Settings table header. We fixed a bug that caused a display issue with the Company Settings “Invite users” button. We fixed a bug that caused filtering to not work when entering text values greater than 15 characters. We improved the API keys UI to display more than 21 keys.

New in Copper: Days in stage reports 📊

Reports just got better 💪. You can now create reports on how long opportunities sit in a pipeline stage. This data can provide powerful insights into your pipeline to help you win more deals in less time.  There are lots of ways you can use Days in stage reports, including: Improve processes: Easily identify opportunities that are sitting in a stage longer than average. If you notice a pattern, like multiple opportunities sitting in a particular stage for an extended period, you can hold team training aimed at helping improve the conversion rate between that stage and the next. Analyze performance: Compare how long it takes to close an opportunity from one referral source over another (e.g., a conference lead vs. a cold call lead). If you know that deals from a specific source close faster, you can start allocating more resources to create additional opportunities from that source.  Forecasting: Easily calculate your sales cycle length. Sales leaders can get even more granular by combining Days in stage data with other fields to get information on things like the average sales cycle in specific industries or regions.   You can access Days in stage reports in three ways:Dashboard templates: For those looking to get started right away, you can find the Average Opp Days in Pipeline chart and the Average Opp Days in Stage chart in the Sales Pipeline and Sales Forecasting template. Pre-built insights: If you’re looking to add these reports to your existing dashboards, you can find them under “Saved Insights.” They’re available as a chart or a table. Building an insight: If you’re looking to build something custom, you can access a selection of facts and attributes in the Insights Builder under the “Opportunity Days in Stage” group.For step-by-step information on setting up your Days in stage reports, check out our help article.

August 11, 2023 - Re-designed list views, "Days in Stage" reports, and improved bulk edit performance.

This week, we released our re-designed list views in public beta, introduced “days in stage” to our reporting suite, improved bulk edit performance, and squashed some bugs. List ViewsWe released our re-designed list views in public beta! When viewing People, Companies, Pipelines and Tasks as a list, you’ll see a brand new design.  In addition to new colors, icons, and other design elements to make it easier to understand your data and navigate through your lists, new list views also includes: Wider record preview Infinite preview (preview several related records without leaving the list) Saved filters panel  There’s more to come with list views! For a preview of things to come, be sure to check out our blog post, Three new features in Lists. Share any feedback on re-designed list views in our Community post. ReportsYou can now add a “Days in Stage” insight to your Reports Dashboard that calculates the number of days an opportunity sits in a stage. This will help you analyze sales cycle length, identify process improvements, and better forecast to win more deals in less time.You can find Days in stage reports in the Sales Forecast and Sales Pipeline dashboard templates, as a Saved Insight to add to an existing dashboard, or as a data item in Insights Builder to create custom reports.  Bulk EditWe made some major performance improvements to bulk editing. All updates of 15 records or less happen instantly. Most updates of up to 100 records complete in under 1 minute. Most updates over 100 records complete in under 3 minutes. Bugs & Enhancements We fixed a few bugs that were causing errors when using the Google Sheets add-on. We fixed a bug that caused the status of former users to stop displaying. We made some enhancements to the Billing page to improve clarity including updating the copy from “Change” to “Upgrade.” We updated the “Data Studio Reports” Settings page to “Looker Studio Reports” to reflect Google’s name change of the tool.

List views: Better and bolder! [Public Beta]

Your list views got an upgrade! When viewing People, Companies, Pipelines and Tasks as a list, you’ll now see them in our redesigned list views. ❗️This feature is in public beta, meaning some functionality (like bulk editing) is not yet available. If you need to perform certain actions that aren’t available, you can switch to old list views at any time. For a full list of functionality coming soon, check out this help article. Check out what’s new: Understand your data at a glance  “I’m really liking the new list views and finding uses for it that I never knew were possible to help me better organize my work and schedule.” Who knew a fresh coat of paint could make such a difference? We added vibrant colors, icons, and other design elements so you can more easily identify different fields. Navigate with ease  “Well arranged — more readable info on a single page.” Copper prides itself on being one of the most intuitive CRM systems in the market. We want to make sure anyone who uses Copper — whether you’ve been with us for years or are just starting out — can access what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Make using your CRM more fun  “I’ve only been using it a little while, but I can see it will be a game changer.” Did you know that list views is the most used feature on Copper? We wanted to bring a bit more joy into your day-to-day — so let’s move away from boring lists and have a bit more fun.   This is only the beginning! We have a few more things in store for your list views, like in-line editing. Get a sneak peek by checking out this article: Three new features in Lists. 

Top 5 features launched in spring 2023

This spring, our teams were hard at work launching features and releasing improvements with the goal of helping your business grow. Here’s a recap of the top 5 features and improvements we launched: Pipeline Templates   If you’re looking to build a traditional sales pipeline, there are plenty of resources available that show you which stages your opportunities should go through. But these stages won’t always be a fit for different industries or workflows. We put our expertise to work based on our customers' diverse use cases and Pipeline Templates were born. Instead of spending time trying to figure out how to structure your pipelines, now you can get started in a flash with prebuilt pipeline templates.  You can use these templates right away or as a starting point for a pipeline that you customize further.In case you missed it, our last Coffee with Copper webinar focused on pipelines. Check out the recording here.   With the addition of pipeline templates, we decided to sneak in an extra feature: duplicating existing pipelines. This one is for those of you who need to create several pipelines with the same stages. You can save time by skipping the tedious task of manually copying each stage from another pipeline.  Where to find it: When setting up a new pipeline, you have the choice to create one from scratch, choose a pipeline template, or copy an existing pipeline.  User Trials As your business and team grow, more people will need access to your Copper account. But it’s not always clear if you should add certain team members to your Copper account. We launched User Trials to reduce the decision-making around which team members should be given a seat. With User Trials, all users have the ability to invite a new user onto their Copper account for a 7-day free trial. These new users will have access to all of the paid features available to other users in the account. If the trial user finds value in using Copper, your account owner can assign them a paid seat anytime during or after the trial period.  Where to find it: All users can invite new users to a free trial by using the “Invite Users” button on the side menu of Copper.  iOS and Android app navigation Our mobile apps got an upgrade! More than ever, users are taking Copper with them on the go. Whether it’s accessing Copper while traveling, quickly checking a comment your team member made, or even making calls using your mobile device - we want to make sure your mobile app experience is smooth. Since we work with Google Workspace (and we're the only CRM Recommended for Google Workspace), we used Google’s design principles to give our mobile app navigation a facelift. A sleeker look and feel makes the mobile apps a delight to use. Our biggest upgrade was to the navigation, giving users access to their most important records in one tap. People, Companies, Opportunities, and Tasks records can always be accessed in the bottom menu. All other menu items can be found by tapping the additional menu on the top left.  Where to find it: Our mobile apps! If you don’t have the apps downloaded, find us in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Activities refresh When working with your team, good collaboration is key. You rely on team members to give you helpful feedback, answer questions in a timely manner, and also keep you motivated. That’s why we decided to give activities a bit of a refresh. First off, we improved the notifications you get from updates to activities. Users now receive mobile and email notifications when team members comment on activities they created and activities they commented on. This way, users don’t miss relevant discussions and can respond to their team members more quickly. We also extended the ability to add emoji reactions to activities – something that was already available in the desktop app and Chrome extension. Users can acknowledge activities and celebrate wins without overwhelming team members with distracting text replies while on the go!  Email syncing In addition to the new features we launched, we also made several performance improvements in the background. One of the biggest improvements we made this quarter was to email syncing. We wanted to make sure your CRM account is always up to date. As you send and receive new emails, you should be able to find them on Copper right away. We were able to make email syncing lightning-fast. Now, emails sync from Gmail to Copper in a matter of minutes! You can rest assured that your records are up to date with your latest communications.And that’s a wrap for this quarter’s updates! We hope these new features and improvements help make their daily workflows more effortless and productive for your team. We’re working on some big things this quarter, so stay tuned.Have an idea for a feature or a problem you’d like us to help you solve? Share your ideas in our Ideas board. 

July 7, 2023 - Home Feed for mobile, click-to-call from Copper Android app to RingCentral, and Copper Tasks sync to Google Calendar

This week, we began rolling out a new Home Feed for mobile, added click-to-call from the Copper Android app to RingCentral, updated the Copper Tasks sync to Google Calendar, and squashed some bugs.Home FeedWe launched a Home Feed in our mobile apps so users can better collaborate with their team on the go. The Home Feed will display: Comments on activities the user created Comments in a thread the user commented on Reactions to an activity the user created Reactions to comments the user created When someone @mentions the user This feature is rolling out to all iOS app users over the next few weeks and will be available to Android app users afterward.Android AppUsers can now dial out through the RingCentral app when placing a call from the Copper mobile app. This feature is rolling out in the coming weeks. Once available, users can configure this integration in the Settings of the Copper Android app.We also made it easier to organize tasks by grouping completed tasks in a separate list.Copper Tasks sync with Google CalendarWe made an update to ensure that Copper Tasks will continue to sync with Google Calendar. They will now show up as calendar events in the “Copper Reminders” calendar. Previously, they showed up as calendar reminders. You can read about the full details of the update here. Bugs & Minor Enhancements On the Android app, we fixed the following: We fixed a bug that caused tapping on the Primary Contact field on an Opportunity to not direct to the contact record. We fixed a bug that caused the "Related To" field to only show recent contacts when creating Tasks.

June 16, 2023 - Faster email sync from Gmail to Copper & improved reports

This week, we made email sync from Gmail to Copper faster, improved reports, and squashed some bugs. Email SyncingWe made significant improvements to our email sync process and are now able to sync emails from Gmail to Copper within minutes! Users now have the peace of mind that their records are up-to-date with the most recent emails. With this change, we removed the message at the top of a record that indicates when emails were last synced. ReportsYou can now create a continuous line graph even if some values are missing. This update applies to any chart with a line: combo charts, line charts, and stacked area charts. Bugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed:We fixed an issue that caused the activity type to be missing from a mobile push notification. When configuring notification settings, we updated the copy “Comments on an activity I created” to “Comments on an activity I’ve created or commented on” to more accurately reflect the notification type. We added toggles to configure email and mobile notifications on comments and reactions. We fixed a bug that removed the formatting of the Description when exporting a record. We fixed a bug that created invalid mobile push notifications from calendar events.  We fixed a bug that caused some mobile push notifications for activities to display a string of text instead of a record’s name.  On the Android app, we fixed a bug that prevented push notifications from sending if the app is open. On the Android app, users can mark a notification as read and have the indicator removed. We also updated the color of the indicator from red to green.

New in Copper: 7-day user trials

We’ve made growing with Copper easier with our new user trials! This gives your business the option to add a new user before deciding to purchase or assign them a paid seat, helping you make more informed decisions when it comes to your seats.A user trial lasts for 7 days after a new user is invited. During or after that period, an admin, account owner or authorized user can assign the trial user to an empty seat if one is available. If all of your seats are filled, the account owner can purchase an additional seat for the new user. Or if it turns out that the trial user doesn’t need Copper access after all, you can simply let their trial expire. Don't worry, we won't charge you automatically at the end of a trial — you maintain complete control over your Copper account.User trials are helpful for:Giving a teammate access to Copper as soon as possible, even if the account owner hasn’t had a chance to purchase a seat. Testing to see whether it would be beneficial to give a new teammate a paid seat in Copper. Letting a teammate from another department try out Copper to see if their department would find value in using it. Re-assigning a paid seat from an old user to a new one without any hiccups.We’re excited to add more options for team collaboration while also reducing the friction of managing users. Check out more details on how to invite someone to a user trial below. How it works:In the Copper web app, you’ll see an “Invite Users” button in the purple sidebar.Click on the button to reveal a popup window where you can invite someone to a user trial. Fill in their name and email address and then click “Send invite.”The new user will receive an invitation to join Copper by email. Once they accept the invite, they can access Copper for 7 days.At any time, you can go to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users to manage users, seats and user trials.Keep in mind that only admins, account owners and users with permission can assign trial users to paid seats. Only account owners can purchase additional seats.With these changes, the check box “Only allow AOs and Admins to invite new users” changes to “Only allow Account Owners and Admins to assign paid seats.”If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, post in our community forum, or get in touch with our support team through chat on the web app.

June 2, 2023 - Click to call from Copper mobile app to JustCall, redesigned Android app navigation, improvements to notifications, and Opportunity merge fields.

This week, we added “click to call” from the Copper mobile app to JustCall, redesigned the menu and navigation of the Android app, made improvements to notifications, added Opportunity merge fields to Marketing Tools' email sequences, and squashed some bugs.JustCall Mobile App IntegrationUsers can now dial out through the JustCall app when placing a call from the Copper mobile app. To configure this, on the Copper mobile app, head to Settings > Phone. This feature is available on the iOS app and will roll out on the Android app in the coming weeks. Android AppFollowing our iOS app redesign, we updated our Android app’s menu and navigation. It's now easier to navigate within the app, and there's more consistency with the Google apps you know and love. NotificationsUsers now receive mobile and email notifications when team members comment on activities they created and activities they commented on. This helps improve collaboration between team members and makes sure users don’t miss relevant discussions. Also, users now have the option to receive mobile push notifications whenever records they follow are updated. To toggle this notification on or off, on the web app, head to Settings > Personal Preferences > Notifications.  Marketing ToolsUsers now have the option to use Opportunity merge fields to personalize their email sequences. This will automatically fill in with information from the Opportunity record. You can find your new Opportunity merge fields by clicking “Personalize” on the compose window, and scrolling past the existing Person merge fields. In case the merge field cannot be found, be sure to use a fallback.  Bugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed: We fixed a bug fixed a bug on the company settings page where a user’s status and role overlapped on some screen resolutions. When logging in, we enhanced the Company Selector by adding badges that indicate the trial status of a user or company. When logging in and no companies can be found, users now have the choice between starting a trial or switching accounts. On the iOS app, we group completed tasks in a separate “Completed” list. On the Android app, we fixed the following bugs: We fixed several issues that caused filtering leads to not work and sometimes crash the app. We fixed an error that blocked users from creating or reassigning tasks to another user. We fixed a bug that caused sorting tasks to not work properly. We fixed an error where the “+” button didn’t show up in Tasks. On the iOS and Android app, we made the following enhancements: We updated the colors of the icon buttons. We added “Low” and “Medium” as options for the Priority of a Task.

Sign up today for exclusive early access to our new list views [now in public beta]

The new list views is now in public beta. 🙌 Check out our announcement here.Now that we have moved from private beta to public beta, you no longer need to sign up to try the new list views. If you want to stay up to date on all the improvements we’re making in Copper, visit our ideas board or subscribe to our product updates.Hi Copper community!Our teams have been hard at work over the past couple of months figuring out how we can make it easier for you to stay organized, find the information you need faster, and become even more efficient. We’re excited to share our new list views is on the way – now better and bolder! Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store 👀 We’re inviting customers to join our private beta to test it out and share their feedback.  What can I expect during the private beta?Better 🎉: Make reading and understanding your data even easier with user experience enhancements.  Bolder 💪: Most CRM users spend a lot of time looking at lists. Let’s make looking at lists a bit more fun, shall we? Find what you’re looking for faster with new colors, icons, and other design elements that help make your data pop.  Switch back to old list views anytime: During the private beta, not all functionality will be available. You can always switch back to the old list views if you need to perform certain actions, and then switch back to the new list views at any time.  What else is in store for list views?We’re glad you asked! While it won’t be part of our private beta, we’re also working on:In-line editing: Need to make a quick change to a field? Edit it right from the list view without having to open the record! Improved list interface: We’re improving the way you create a list in Copper – whether that’s a list that dynamically changes or one you manually add records to yourself. These features will roll out in the months following the launch of our new list views.  How do I sign up?Now that we have moved from private beta to public beta, you no longer need to sign up to try the new list views. If you want to stay up to date on all the improvements we’re making, check out our ideas board or subscribe to our product updates.

May 12, 2023 - User invites, Mailchimp integration filter, email sequences merge fields, and bug fixes

This week, we improved the invited user experience, automated Mailchimp integration filters, added fallbacks to email sequences merge fields, and squashed some bugs.User InvitesInvited users now have more than one way to accept an invite to a company. When an invited user logs in for the first time, the user will be automatically marked as having accepted the invite and will be directed to the onboarding flow. The invited user is also able to accept the invite manually through the invite email. Previously, it was only possible to accept the invite manually through the invite email. This change allows new users to access Copper more efficiently.Users who belong to multiple companies will be able to accept invites to new companies through the Company Selector. Invites to new companies will show up as “Invited to [Company name].” Clicking on a company invite will automatically mark the user as having accepted the invite. Previously, it was not possible to click on a company invite, and users could only accept invites through the invite email.Users who belong to multiple companies can now click on invites from the Company Selector. Mailchimp IntegrationThe sync to Mailchimp filter will be on by default for users who set up a new manual sync. This helps create a filtered list of all records that are syncing to Mailchimp.Filter records that are syncing to Mailchimp.Users who previously had the sync set up can turn this filter on by heading into Settings > Customize > Edit Custom Fields > edit the “Sync to Mailchimp” custom field > select “Include in Filters.”To turn this filter on, edit the “Sync to Mailchimp” custom field. Email SequencesWhen personalizing an email sequence with a merge field, users can now set up fallbacks in case a merge field cannot be found. To create a fallback, add a vertical line symbol (|) and the fallback term after the merge field label. For example, if you want the merge field to display “there” in case a person’s first name can’t be found, you would write the merge field as {{ | there}}. If a merge field cannot be found and a fallback isn’t defined, no text will be shown for the recipient.If a person’s name can’t be found, the email will show up as “Hi there” for the recipient. Bugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed: We removed notifications for meetings that are logged as activities. We fixed an issue where filters failed to load correctly for some users. We now send email and mobile push notifications when other users react or comment to a user’s activity records. We made the “Start from Scratch” button larger for companies setting up their first pipeline. When selecting a pipeline template, the top pipeline category is automatically selected to help reduce clicks.

April 21, 2023 - User trials, reactions and new Activities experience on iOS, and bug fixes

This week, we began rolling out user trials, added the ability to react to activities on iOS, improved the activities experience on iOS, and squashed several bugs.User TrialsOver the next few weeks, we introduce a 7-day free trial for new users of Copper on active accounts. This improvement allows existing users to invite teammates to try Copper before assigning them a paid seat. This also speeds up the process for getting new team members into Copper.All existing users can invite new users to a 7-day trial.Account Owners, Admins, and Users with permission to assign seats can assign existing paid seats in Settings. However, only Account Owners can purchase additional seats.Account Owners, Admins, and Users with permissions can assign seats in Settings.When a user trial expires, the Account Owner will be able to assign seats to the teammates that will continue using Copper.Account Owners can purchase and assign seats to expired trial users.iOS AppCustomers can now view and add emoji reactions to activities directly from the mobile app. Previously, reacting was only available on the web app and Chrome extension. Reactions improve collaboration by allowing users to acknowledge activities and celebrate wins without overwhelming team members with distracting replies.Users can add a reaction by clicking the emoji icon below an activity. To access comments, users can click on the comments icon. Previously, you could access comments through the “View comments” button.React to activities with emojisWe also improved the user experience when viewing activities. Previously, activities were split between a Details tab and a Comments tab. These two sections are now combined into a single feed with comments viewable below the details. Users will no longer need to click between tabs to review activity details and comments.Details and comments on an activity are now on one feedBugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed: We fixed an error that would occur when a user tries to export a record that is filtered by email address. We fixed a bug that caused the Edit Details side panel to freeze on “Loading summary” when trying to perform a bulk edit. We improved the way data is ingested into Copper. Similar to how emails aren’t synced, calendar events will also no longer be synced for Contact records with the same email domain as the users. We fixed a bug that resulted in corrupted export files. On the Android app: We fixed a bug that caused pipeline cards to render incorrectly after a filter was applied. We fixed a bug that caused duplicate “ADD ANOTHER EMAIL ADDRESS” buttons to appear when editing records. We fixed a bug that caused values entered into the Company field to disappear when creating a new Opportunity. We removed the Activity Type field as a filter option because it wouldn’t display the correct values. Users can still create and save filters using Activity Type on the web app, and then view the saved filter on mobile. We fixed a bug that caused clicking the x button on a “People to Add” suggestion within the dashboard to do nothing. We fixed an issue where there would be no input when voice searching using the microphone button on the search field. We fixed a bug that was incorrectly showing text fields as a filter option. Text filters are not yet supported on Android. We fixed a bug that prevented the “View comments” button on an activity from sending users to view the comments. We fixed a bug that displayed an error message whenever creating an Opportunity even though the Opportunity was created successfully.

April 6, 2023 - User invite modal updates, improvements to iOS app filtering and push notifications, and bug fixes

This week, we updated the invite users modal, made improvements to filtering and push notification settings on the iOS app, and squashed some bugs.Invite Users ModalBased on user feedback, we updated the invite users modal to display email addresses instead of names to make sure the right user is invited to Copper.The modal displays the email address instead of the nameiOS AppiOS app users are now able to filter records based on text fields. Text filtering can help you more easily locate and segment your records. When selected, you can match text fields “Containing,” “Exactly,” “With any value,” or “With no value.”Filter based on text fields such as DescriptionIn the coming weeks, users will be able to update their mobile push notification settings from the iOS app. Previously, users needed to go to the web app to update their mobile notifications.Update notifications on the iOS appBugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed: We fixed a bug where some non-Account Owners were shown the invite teammates page during onboarding. We fixed an issue where clicking on a Team in Company Settings did not redirect the user to the Team settings page. On the iOS app: The email domain icon was cut off and not the same color as the other icons. A shadow showed up when loading the dashboard. When the app is opened from an outside link, the line above the selected tab would remain at the dashboard tab even if the dashboard isn’t selected.

March 24, 2023 - Updates to invite users modal & company settings, new functionality on Android app, and bug fixes

This week, we made user experience updates to our Invite Users modal and Company Settings, updated the navigation on the iOS app, added the ability to invite users on the Android app, and squashed some bugs.   Invite Users Modal When inviting new users, “Enter a name or email address” is now automatically selected. Users will no longer need to click into it before typing. We also added the ability to use the esc key to close the modal. These updates are available on both the web app and the Chrome extension. In the Invite Users and Edit Users modals, we updated the copy on the “Add a team” button to “Add another team” if the user is already part of a team. Also, this button will only be shown if there is another team that can be added.   Company Settings We added a link from the Company Settings page to the Billings page so Account Owners can easily navigate to the page when they need to purchase additional seats. We also added the role “User” for any users who are not Account Owners or Admins.   Android App In the following weeks, Android users will be able to invite teammates to join Copper without needing to navigate to the web app.   iOS App Several weeks ago, we announced our new iOS app navigation, based on Google’s design principles. We now made the new navigation standard across all users. We also updated the colors and icons in the iOS app.   Bugs & Minor Enhancements Here is everything we fixed: We upgraded our Sign-In JavaScript Platform Library to the new Google Identity Services. Copper uses this service in File Finder. We fixed an issue where the tasks of an opportunity are not showing in the related panel. We fixed an issue where the team of a user isn’t showing in the Edit User modal. On the iOS app: We fixed a bug that was cutting the bottom of text with the letters g, j, p, q, & y. We fixed a bug that was causing filters to crash when using multi-select fields to filter lists. The Mailchimp icon was missing from the activity types. On the Android app: We fixed a bug where users weren’t navigated to a related record when clicking a task. We fixed a bug that caused sending emails to fail if it had a Google file attachment. Google files are now added as links to email and will be sent successfully. We fixed a bug where filtering and sorting Pipelines was not working. We fixed a bug where edits to custom checkbox fields were not saving.

February 24, 2023 - New functionality on iOS and Android, updated invite users modal, and bug fixes

This week, we started rolling out new functionality on iOS and Android, updated our invite users modal, and squashed some bugs.iOS AppYou can now create, edit, delete, and favorite filters on iOS. We’ve made some design and UX changes to the filter module to make it easier to use.Create and manage filters on iOSWe also made some small enhancements to the iOS app: In the Menu, we updated “Invite Teammates” to “Invite Users.” When inviting users, the button will update to “Add another team” after you add them to their first team. We updated the placeholder text in the Related Files search bar for accuracy. Android AppNext week, we will roll out several enhancements and bug fixes to Android: When writing an email, we added a cursor to help users see where they’re typing. We updated the placeholder text in the Related Files search bar for accuracy. We fixed a bug where filters were not applied to the list view. We fixed a bug where an error message would pop up when users tried to create an Opportunity while converting a Lead. We fixed a bug that didn’t save the values for any custom dropdown fields. Under Contact Suggestions, we fixed a bug that created an error message whenever users tried to add a contact as a new Person record and clicked save. Invite UsersWhen purchasing a seat for an invited user, we updated the modal to display the billing cycle of your account.The modal displays your account’s billing cycleBugs & Minor EnhancementsOn the Chrome extension, we fixed an issue where the buttons appear larger than the screen size.

February 10, 2023 - Improved user management settings, redesigned user invite email, and bug fixes

This week, we made improvements to our user management settings, redesigned our user invite email, and squashed some bugs.SettingsA few weeks ago, we announced our improved user settings page design. This week, we’ve introduced additional improvements.We now display a new “Status” column to quickly view the status of a user. A user will have one of three statuses: Invited User - This user received an invite, but has not yet accepted the invite. Paid User - This user has paid seat to Copper. Trial User - This user is part of a company that is on a trial. We’ve also renamed “Edit person” to “Edit user” and “Remove access” to “Delete user” to improve clarity.New “Status” column and updated text for admin actions In the “Edit user” modal, we no longer hide additional options (such as promoting to admin or Google sync). We also now display an “Add a team” button to make it easier to find.Improved “Edit user” modalUser Invite EmailsWe’ve redesigned our invited user emails to make it more clear that the email is coming from Copper.  Bugs & Minor EnhancementsHere’s everything we fixed:We resolved an issue on Chrome browser that treated the Copper search bar as an address field and auto-suggested addresses.  On the Chrome extension, we fixed a bug with quick adding contacts that caused captured data to not copy over into the People record fields.  In our iOS app, we fixed an issue that caused Leads to be visible to admins even if Leads functionality was disabled.  In our Android app, we resolved a few bugs: Clicking on Company on a Person record did not take you to the related Company record. The activity feed missed a few logged activities, and refreshing the feed caused the app to crash. Resolved an issue where deep links (such as clicking on a link in a task reminder email) did not redirect users correctly. Deep links such as being redirected to the app from clicking on a link in a task reminder email did not work as expected.

January 27, 2023 - Attachments in email templates, new iOS mobile app navigation, improved settings page

This week, we started rolling out attachments in email templates, will start displaying the new iOS mobile app navigation by default, and improved the settings page.Email templatesYou’ll soon be able to attach files to email templates! Here’s how it works: Head to Settings > Email Settings & Templates > My Templates. Click the pen icon to edit an existing template, or create a new template. Click the paperclip icon to upload files. Next time you use an email template in Gmail (via the Copper Chrome extension), the Copper web app, or the Copper iOS mobile app (version 5.15.0 or higher), your file will automatically attach to your email. Whenever you use an email template, your file will automatically be attached.This feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks, with Android support to come in the following months. To learn more about how to create and edit email templates, visit our support page. Mobile appBack in November, we introduced our re-designed navigation experience on iOS to create more consistency with the Google apps you know and love. We will soon be displaying the new navigation by default with the next app release.New iOS mobile app navigation, based on Google design principles.You have the option to switch it back by clicking the ☰ icon in the top left corner. However, keep in mind we will sunset our old navigation in the coming months. SettingsWe’ve improved the user experience on the Company Settings page: The design of the Users section of the Company Settings has been modernized. You can now click the “…” next to a user to edit, make a user an admin, remove access, or re-send an invites. The Edit user module has updated to match the Company settings page.  New User section of the Company Settings page New “Edit user” modalBugs & minor enhancementsBased on user feedback, we no longer open the Tasks full-page list view when viewing related Tasks in Opportunity and People lists. For example, when looking at an Opportunity list view, clicking a Task in the preview sidebar previously switched the page to the Task list view.The Copper team was also on a bug-crushing mission this week. Here’s everything we fixed: In Projects, we fixed a bug where some users were unable to open Project records in full page view when clicking the “launch” button. In the Sidebar, we made several enhancements we no longer refresh the main activity feed each time a user interacts with the sidebar. In our Android app, our team fixed several bugs that will roll out in the next week: Within list view, users were unable to scroll past a certain point in the list Selecting a custom filter sometimes caused the app to crash Inactive days was appearing as “0” regardless of the last interaction date Within records, some users were unable to see the Lead Status field and the most recent activity did not appear on the activity feed. When editing records, some users were unable to select a dropdown field option, and custom fields could not be saved.