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  • 28 September 2022
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I am getting an issue with adding a custom field to a Workflow automation.  Here is what I have entered: CONCAT("",cf_profile_slug,"/")

Attached is the error and a snapshot of the Manage field (Unsupported Variable) and showing the field (Profile Slug), not sure what I am missing here.


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3 replies

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Solved my own problem here and maybe others can learn from this!  First I need to learn more about the field I was trying to pull in so I went to Manage Fields on Records.  Then I went to Edit Custom Fields.  I found out, somehow, the field I was trying to reference did not have a Field Key so I entered that.

Next, I copied the text in the Field Key field and coped that directly into the Workflow Automation I was trying to create and that worked!  I was not successful in free hand typing the text so I recommend a copy and paste for anyone struggling.

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@Jagatelife nice, good job! That is 100% what you should do when using a custom field in a workflow automation. Let me know if anything else comes up 😊

I have set a custom field key and yet in the workflow automations it says - Unsupported Variables ["custom-field-key"]


And yes custom-field-key is not what I put, I put the actual key I created.