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  • 28 September 2022
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I am getting an issue with adding a custom field to a Workflow automation.  Here is what I have entered: CONCAT("",cf_profile_slug,"/")

Attached is the error and a snapshot of the Manage field (Unsupported Variable) and showing the field (Profile Slug), not sure what I am missing here.


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4 replies

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Solved my own problem here and maybe others can learn from this!  First I need to learn more about the field I was trying to pull in so I went to Manage Fields on Records.  Then I went to Edit Custom Fields.  I found out, somehow, the field I was trying to reference did not have a Field Key so I entered that.

Next, I copied the text in the Field Key field and coped that directly into the Workflow Automation I was trying to create and that worked!  I was not successful in free hand typing the text so I recommend a copy and paste for anyone struggling.

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@Jagatelife nice, good job! That is 100% what you should do when using a custom field in a workflow automation. Let me know if anything else comes up 😊

I have set a custom field key and yet in the workflow automations it says - Unsupported Variables ["custom-field-key"]


And yes custom-field-key is not what I put, I put the actual key I created. 

I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering an issue with adding a custom field to a Workflow automation. However, as a text-based AI model, I'm unable to view or interpret attachments or images.

Based on the information you've provided, it appears that you're trying to concatenate a URL using a custom field called cf_profile_slug. However, without further details or the specific error message you received, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact issue.

Here are a few potential areas to check or consider:

  1. Field availability: Confirm that the custom field cf_profile_slug is available and properly set up in the workflow automation's context. Double-check the field's name, type, and configuration to ensure it matches the information you're using in the CONCAT function.

  2. Field value: Make sure that the cf_profile_slug field has a valid value assigned to it. If the field is empty or contains an unexpected value (such as null or an incompatible data type), it could cause issues when concatenating the URL.

  3. Variable usage: Check if you're using the correct variable or placeholder syntax for referencing the custom field within the CONCAT function. Depending on the workflow automation tool or platform you're using, the syntax for accessing custom fields within formulas or expressions may vary. Consult the documentation or resources specific to your workflow automation tool for proper variable usage.

  4. Error message analysis: Review the error message you received and any accompanying details or logs. The error message should provide more specific information about the issue, such as a syntax error or an incompatible variable type. Analyzing the error message can help identify the root cause and guide you toward the appropriate solution.

If you can provide more specific details about the error message or the workflow automation tool you're using, I may be able to offer more targeted assistance.