End of the Day summary automation

  • 9 June 2023
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Hey All, 

We would like to produce some summary emails for our upper management with relevant activity (i.e. all the new contacts and opportunities added that day). 

I assume this could be achieved through automation. 

Does anyone have anything similar set up?

Could anyone advise?


Thank you in advance! 

3 replies

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Hi @Gabriele Zemaityte, thanks for posting!

Your upper management folks - are they users in Copper? Or do they need to have that info sent to them outside of the system?

If they have access to Copper, you could simply set up filters for your People and Pipelines for Date Added = Today/This Week/This Month, and they could log in and check on it as they need. They could even set that as their default filter so it automatically gets shown when they first open their People list.


If it needs to be an email (or maybe they don’t want to bother clicking into Copper...), you could set up a report and a scheduled PDF export/email for them. This way they would automatically receive an email every week/month/quarter.

(Side note: this method doesn’t work for daily updates, but I would argue that most upper management folks don’t need a daily update. Unless they are in sales ops, in which case I strongly recommend they log into Copper directly so that they can access all the data about a contact or Opp...)

Anyways, here is an example of a Report for new Opps and contacts created this month:


Now I could just write instructions on how to do this from start to finish, but I find that with Reports it is much more effective to talk live about it. There’s just a lot of nuance when it comes to your specific data setup, your custom fields, etc. So I’d love for you to join my weekly office hours next Thursday. I’ll be happy to show you exactly how to build the report, and to set up the scheduled email for it.

Let me know if you’ll be able to join. If not, I can try to arrange an alternate meeting time for you. And if that doesn’t work, I can try to write instructions to give you a starting point. Just let me know!

Dear Michelle, 


Thank you so much fro your detailed response to my query, it is much appreciated. 


I believe the reports set up would work for us, ideally we would not be asking directors to go into Copper. 


As per your last point, I haven’t been able to grasp Copper reports logic well enough to generate this report. We would highly appreciate getting some support with this. 


Thank you for your kind offer for last week, apologies for not picking up on it in time. 


I am about to go away for some time, yet would like to get back to this once I am back in the office, what would be the best way to do so?


Please let me know. 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 




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Hi @Gabriele Zemaityte! So it sounds like this would be the first report you set up? In that case, I think the best thing is for you to come to my weekly office hours so I can show you how to do it. That will also give us some flexibility for timing - it happens every Thursday, so you can join after you get back. :) I will look for your name in the registration list.