[Webinar Recording] ☕ Coffee with Copper: Nurturing interest with Copper

  • 28 March 2024
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[Webinar Recording] ☕ Coffee with Copper: Nurturing interest with Copper
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Hey Copper Community! We kicked off our first Coffee with Copper of 2024 by deep diving into how our relationship centric customers can better nurture interest amongst their prospects, clients and customers with our latest features. Our product team live demoed our new Forms and Email automation features and how they work together to nurture customers along their journey. 

We even had an attendee set up a new Form on their website live (it’s that easy!) 🚀

Here’s a quick rundown on what we covered: 

  • An overview of Copper’s product vision and our progress in Q1 (2:22 to 5:35)
  • Our new forms feature: how it works and how to set it up (5:38 to 17:22)

📣 We’re doing a special Office Hours: Forms edition live working session on Thursday, April 4, 2024 to walk customers through setting up their first form. Register here and select the April 4th session.

  • How forms and email automation work together to nurture your prospective customers as they complete form responses (17:25 to 22:20)
  • A sneak preview of our upcoming email series feature (22:27 to 23:49)

📣 We cover everything you need to know about automating an email series in our April Product Pulse here.

  • Live Q&A with our product team (24:54 to 51:00)

We hope you enjoyed this session of Coffee with Copper. We look forward to seeing you at a special edition of Coffee with Copper: Blast off with Space Camp on Tuesday, June 23, 2024. In this interactive, boot camp-like session we’re delivering your mission control center for evaluating whether you’re using the product to its fullest potential. Don’t miss this immersive experience — register here.


Until next time, 

Melanie at Copper


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