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  • 20 October 2021
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When I open settings I don't find a drop down section to Customize Dashboard, records, etc. How do I access these setting options?

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3 replies

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Hi @Pantherstyle, are you in admin or a regular user in your Copper system? You’ll need to be an admin in your Copper system in order to access those settings. If you’re a regular user, can ask your Account Owner to make you into an admin.

Hi Michelle, I had to check but to turns out that I am the admin for Copper.

I just took on a position at Crescent Cleaning and it seems that the person that I replaced was the admin and now that she's no longer here I am. How do I get set up as the admin.

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@Pantherstyle I just checked your account - looks like you are an admin! When you click into Settings on the purple sidebar, you should see various areas available to you now:

You can use these areas to customize your Copper setup. The Customize section is generally the first place people go.


We have a self-guided onboarding guide and a customization series if you want to check them out. Or if you were looking to do something specific I’m happy to point you to the right place.

Hope that helps!