Adding Source field to People

  • 16 October 2022
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Leads have a source field and opportunities have a source field but we want to have a source field for People.  How can we do that?

7 replies

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Hi @blueivypartners, thanks for posting!

Our default Source field is included on Leads and Opportunities. If you’d like to have a Source field on People, you’ll have to create a new custom field.

If you’re an admin, you can do this by opening any Person and clicking the “+Add new field” button.


Then you’ll get a popup where you can customize your new field.


If you need to edit this field in the future, you can go to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > Edit Custom Fields.


Hope that helps!

Since the field I want to add is a list of contacts that are already in Copper, I tried a custom field, Connect Field and used “Referred by.”  Are there any limitations I may not be thinking about if I use it that way?

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@blueivypartners good question! Custom connect fields are great for marking relationships between different contacts. Here are the downsides I would consider:

  • You cannot pull them into the Reporting system
  • They cannot be imported or exported
  • The workflow automation tool cannot update them

If you’re just using that connect field to create links between contacts then it might work for your case!

Another option is using a custom text field instead - this would just be text instead of a hyperlink. The upside to this is you can import/export it and use in the reporting system. The downside is instead of a nice hyperlink to the other contact, it’s just plain text. And if you end up with typos, different spellings, etc it can make it much harder to use it as a filter criteria.

I am using the source field on our sales funnel...but I really want to make it a madatory field. Currnetly when I try to make it mandatory it says “field update failed” 


What am I doing wrong? it shows me an option to make it mandatory. 

Figured it need to turn off automations before you try. 

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@ryanopaz glad you were able to figure it out! It’s a great idea to make the Source field mandatory. 👍

Can you explain why this wouldn’t be a default field on People? I’m asking because at least in the nonprofit world, it’s pretty standard practice to be able to run reports on individuals by Source Code and it’s a bit strange that we wouldn’t be able to do that. Thanks in advance.