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  • 11 November 2022
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I was hoping there would be a workflow automation I could set up so that when I create a New Opportunity in a Pipeline, this would trigger an email to others on my team so that they are in the loop without having to log into Copper. Additionally, this would be helpful when an opportunity moves between different stages of the Pipeline. Thanks! 

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Hey @ReillyM we felt that exact same way, allowing for emails to automatically send upon stage change to internal team members and external customers isn't possible though. Even with email automation tools, it's never possible to have an external opportunity, email an internal team member. we actually built a tool that does exactly that!

It allows for internal/external emails upon stage change. For example, move to one stage and have it alert the customer (primary contact of the deal), move the next stage and have it email 5 members on your team.

Now you just have to focus on the pipeline stages to map out the best processes for your company. It can even automatically move an opportunity to the next stage upon the email sending out. Some of our customers automate ever stage email and stage change so they don't even need to manually move anything (depending on the process).

It is a slightly custom solution though, so it would only make sense to implement if there's a substantial time savings to be had from it.

Here's a landing page we built that speaks more to the email automation features and process.

You could also try automating the creation of tasks upon stage chance, and assigning a task to a team member, then turning on their notifications so they get alerted of the task. You might have a lot of tasks created though, and you'd also need everyone on your team as a Copper seat regardless of whether or not they are actually going inside of Copper.

Hope this helps!