Using custom fields in workflow automation issue

  • 26 July 2021
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I want to build a workflow that replicates custom fields from an opportunity to a project. I managed to do this for text fields, currency values and dates but it doesn’t work for a checkbox

I managed to trigger on a ‘true’ value of a custom field with a checkbox but using the value in a formula (GETVALUE(“cf_checkbox_field”) doesn’t work. The result is that the field is always checked in the created project. 

When I use GETVALUE(“cf_dropdown_field”) in a formula the workflow doesn’t execute at all… 

Is there anything I need to do differently or is it this a limitation in the functionality? 


Another question is if there is any option to review a log of executed workflows? It is very hard to debug… 



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@Jaco Koppelaar I encourage you to join our workflow automation Q&A tomorrow at 9am PST to help diagnose your issues live. Registration link here. Description page here.

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@Jaco Koppelaar the best way to share data across record types is to use the same custom field for multiple record. You can do this when you edit the custom field. This way, you can just pass custom field key and not use the GETVALUE() function. The GETVALUE() function will only work if the destination field is a text field.


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Thanks for the support! I managed to get of the custom fields replicated on the project. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get the project connected to the company from the opportunity... 

I was not able to attend the Q&A session but will do in the future.