Need to move data from one area to another

  • 14 June 2023
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I’m new to copper and I noticed that we capture data for Source and Medium and a few others under people, but in the sales opportunity funnel that information is blank. Is there a way to pass that data through? I don’t know if I have the proper permissions to do that.

2 replies

Hi @Ashish 


You need to assign an oppurtunity to a person.

Then the oppurtunity would move through the whole sales funnel (or pipeline as Copper calls it)


I would suggest that you look into the links below to understand more as to how Copper manages Oppurtunities and Pipelines

Thank you for sending. We have it assigned to an “owner” in the people section, is that correct or is it another field we should be filling out?


source and medium and other information which is in “people” doesn’t seem to be passing that data along to the “sales” pipeline.