how to enter a Wetransfer (or similar) download record?

  • 28 September 2023
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I am used to send several PDFs files to my customers from time to time.
As they are also big PDFs, I usually use Wetransfer.

I want to keep record of the Wetransfer sent to my customer and if/when he/she downloaded it or not.

I don’t necessary need to use Wetransfer.
Any other solution is fine.
What I want is being able to record the download into Copper.

Any idea?

1 reply

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Hi @DanHK,

Why using WeTransfer? You can also store the file in Google Drive and share with the link. You can use email tracking to find out who read the email and clicked on the link. All directly from Copper. 


Another benefit of using Google Docs instead of WeTransfer: As soon as they click the link, the file is actually being viewed, while with WeTransfer you only know that the file is downloaded and not if the person has actually seen the file. 

And if you would create the document as a (read-only) Google Doc, you could use the Native Activity Tracker from Google Docs to see who has viewed the document and when. But this feature can be disabled by the recipient. 

Using three60 Workflow there we can help you to automate the whole process by generating a Google Doc merging data from Copper, create it in a desired folder, link it into Copper and send the email with the link to your Customer. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers, Jaco Koppelaar