Custom field returning number on workflow automation

  • 25 August 2021
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I am trying to create a cloned opportunity in a project management pipeline that is named “client name - “ And the sales Type of the Won opportunity. I have a custom dropdown field for sales type that carries from the sales opp to the PM opp just fine, but when using the formula ‘CONCAT(name,” - “,cf_SType) it returns “Doe, John - 477845”. Does anyone know how to have it return the selection, rather than the reference number?




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Never Mind - If I use the formula CONCAT(name,” - “,GETVALUE(cf_SType)) it works great!

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Glad you worked it out @K_Harman! Feel free to post any other questions that come up.

@Michelle from Copper, one thing to note; In the article “Automating your Account with Workflow Automation” - there is an example “

How to use variables to reference default and custom fields in formulas

cf_ is the prefix to reference custom field values. For example cf_field_key.

If you wanted to change the description of an opportunity to include a custom field that indicates the sales region West or East, and custom text, under 'Actions' you would select the 'Description' field from the drop-down, choose 'Use a Formula,'and type in:

CONCAT(cf_sales_region, ' - MM')

If Sales Region = West, the description of the opportunity would be:

“West - MM”

The example should be CONCAT(GETVALUE(cf_sales_region), ' - MM') to return “West - MM”. I use this article frequently when creating workflows, so perhaps it should be edited so others don’t get stuck on the same piece. 



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Thanks for letting me know @K_Harman! We have updated the article. :)