Can I use a workflow automation to create a task that is due 6 months after another custom date field?

  • 10 August 2023
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I don’t have this custom field yet, because I want to know if this automation would work before I create a new field.


But, can I have a workflow automation create a task based on a custom date field? So if the date in the custom date field is 12/31/2024, can an automation make a task due 6 months before that custom date?


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Hi @ARCO, thanks for posting! The answer is yes. This is how it would work: as soon as you fill in that custom date field, the automation can create the Task. For the Due Date, we can have it subtract 180 days from that custom date.

To set that up, you’ll first need to create that custom date field. I recommend doing this through Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records so that you also create a field key at the same time. Here, I’ve created the field and I set the field key as target_delivery_date.


Then we set up the workflow automation in Settings > Automation > Workflow Automation.

I chose 01/01/2000 as an arbitrary date so that it triggers every time Target delivery date is filled in.

For the Due Date, I used the formula DATEADD(cf_target_delivery_date,-180) . This formula tells the workflow automation to look at a custom field (cf_) that we called target_delivery_date, and to add -180 (i.e. subtract 180).

For the Owner, assignee_id refers to whoever owns the original Opportunity that triggered the workflow automation.

Remember to Save and turn on the workflow automation.

Going back to your example of 12/31/2024--when I filled that in as the Target delivery date, the automation created a Task due for 07/04/2024, which is 180 days before the Target delivery date.

Let me know if that helps. Thanks Arco!

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Hi Michelle,

This is so helpful!! This makes everything so much easier - now we won’t have to remember to go in and create a new opportunity for the 2nd and 3rd years of our contracts.

Take care!!


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@ARCO wonderful! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

You can also add a Reminder Date and a Reminder Time to each Task. This sends a notification to the Task owner, and it can be really helpful for general awareness on items that have a longer timeframe (like a contract renewal).

In the example below, I’ve added a Reminder Date/Time for 90 days before the Target delivery date

Note: make sure you add both the Reminder Date and Reminder Time for this to work.

In reality, your Reminder Date/Time should probably be after the Due Date of the Task. So you could set the Due Date to 90 days before, and the Reminder Date to 180 days before. 

Hope that helps!

(PS I’m going to mark my original response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily)

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I tried to use this Workflow Automation for Task creation but I think I might need an extra layer. 

I am trying to automatically create a task to send to the legal team (who has Copper) a reminder 30 days before they should sent out contract renewals (which is 60 days before they expire). We have a custom field of Contract Expiry (gave it key field name contract_expiry). Created the reminder like stepped out above with reminder date and time, since they aren’t the company owners, I changed to visibility and added the team. 
Now - my question is how do I get this task to create every year? 

Appreciate the help and guidance. If there is a better way to create tasks to the legal team for notice of renewal 30 days before their renewal notice is due (60 days before contract expire), I am open to that as well. 

Thank you