Automation for duplicating opportunities into a different pipeline

  • 29 August 2023
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I am trying to create dynamic pipelines. When we've move a person through our BASICS pipeline and they've filled out a placement application I want to be then able to clone the opportunity into our Community pipeline that follows up with onboarding, placement, and satisfaction reviews.

I've spent a few hour following past videos and forums but nothing I'm doing seems to be working. I know there is a way to move people from one pipeline to the next but I was hoping to keep the original opportunity in place so that I can have it recorded as “won” in our BASICS pipeline.

thank you for helping.


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Hi @iHill, thanks for posting!

Since you want record of the original Opportunity in the BASICS pipeline, I recommend a setup similar to this:

  • Trigger: when an Opportunity in the BASICS pipeline is Won
  • Action 1: move that Opportunity into the Community pipeline, in the “Onboarding” stage, and with a status of Open
  • Action 2: create a duplicate Opportunity in the BASICS pipeline, and mark it as Won

So in this case, you are moving the original Opportunity over, while also creating a record of it to keep in your BASICS pipeline.

The Trigger and Action 1, you can do that with this exact setup:


Action 2, where you’re creating a duplicate of the Opportunity, is a little more involved because you’ll need to specify which information to copy over. Here’s an example where I’m copying over the main default fields:

The full list of formulas for the default fields is on this page, although you can also ask me if you’re looking for a specific item.

Do you have any custom fields on your Opportunities? If so, we’ll need to account for those in Action 2 as well.


Here’s what I recommend: try setting up just the Trigger and Action 1, and test it out using a test Opportunity. It should send that Opportunity from the BASICS pipeline into the Community pipeline when you mark it as Won. And it should also re-Open that Opportunity once it has landed in the Community pipeline.

(Remember to Save and then turn on your workflow automation before testing)

Then, for Action 2, you can give that a try right away based on the example above. Or you can come see me during one of my office hours sessions and I can show you how to set it up. I recommend stopping by especially if you have any custom fields.

(Just note that my September 7th session I’ll be doing a Report tutorial, but all other session are more of a drop-in style)

Let me know if that helps!

This worked perfectly. Thank you very much.