Automatically Linking to an Opportunity that auto-creates another Opportunity?

  • 14 April 2022
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We currently have a workflow automation that creates a new opportunity in a different pipeline when the original opportunity is Closed-Won. This automation creates the new opportunity and pushes the Opportunity ID of the original opportunity to a field called, “Related Opportunity”


Instead of just pushing the ID of the original opportunity, we’d like to push the URL link to the original oppportunity.


How do we do this?



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Hi @andrewbermudez, great question!

An Opportunity’s URL is really just two parts: a base portion of the URL, and then the Opportunity ID at the very end. So we can use a CONCAT()  function to take the first portion and add the Opp ID at the end to generate your URL.

First, create a custom URL field. If we use the field type URL, it will create a hyperlink for you to click instead of having to copy and paste it. 

Then, open any Opportunity and copy the first portion of the URL. It’s the portion highlighted in pink below:


Next, open that workflow automation rule and adjust your Action.

  1. Remove the non-URL field “Related Opportunity” from the Action
  2. Add in the URL field (“Related Opportunity URL” in my example)
  3. Use a formula: CONCAT(“PASTE BASE URL HERE”,id)

This is what the full formula looks like in my demo account:


Yours will look pretty much the same except for the 6-digit number.


Click save and turn on the workflow. And remember to test it out! You should see a clickable URL that brings you back to the original Opportunity.



Let me know if you have any questions :)

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@Michelle from Copper Super helpful! Got it working! Thank youuuuu!!!!! 😀

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@andrewbermudez Fantastic, glad I could help! Let me know if any questions come up while you set that up. 👍

I’m going to mark my first response as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily.