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  • 10 August 2023
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I have landing page + Zap set up to send my Copper account new enrollees. I want to set up an email to automatically respond and provide a PDF. Can I do this with Copper?

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Hi @SeanR, thanks for posting! There are several options for how to do this. I’ll put an outline of them below.


Some webform tools can send an automatic follow-up

If you haven’t already, look into whether the form tool you use on your landing page has this ability and if it will work for your needs. That would be the simplest setup since you’re not adding any new tools or steps to your Zap.


Zapier + Gmail

Since you’ve already got a Zap set up to send entries from your landing page to Copper, you could simply add another step to send an email. The action for this is called “Send Email in Gmail” and you can specify who you’re sending to, your email subject and contents, signature, and also any attachments.


Email Sequences

You could do this using Email Sequences, which is available on our Business plan. Essentially, you would just need to make sure that the new enrollment is sent to Copper with the correct Contact Type--let’s say New Enrollee. The Email Sequences tool would then automatically send out an email to anyone who gets added as that contact type. You wouldn’t be able to directly attach the PDF in the email, but you upload the PDF or your website or Google Drive and then include the download link in the email. The system would then track the email opens, clicks and bounces for you.

The Business plan comes with App Connector, which lets you easily connect various types of webforms such as Wix Forms, Gravity Forms, Elementor Forms, and Contact Form 7. So if your landing page for is built with one of those tools, you can integrate using App Connector instead of Zapier.


You could also look into integrating with a separate email platform, like Mailchimp or PersistIQ, which can trigger email campaigns based on information in Copper. These might be a good option if you are thinking about your wider email strategy and not just this specific follow-up email.


Let me know if that helps and if you have any questions!