Updating of "New reports"

When will the "Reports" start updating more than once a day? this should update as changes are made in Copper so you can see up to the second reports... I was told numerous times since we purchased copper 18 months ago, that this was something Copper was working on. Any idea when this will happen?

I posted the same topic more than 5 months ago and the reports still only update once a day, if we are lucky. Last night at 10pm Copper said “Reports are updated as of yesterday”. This means the report that i’m looking at has old data.

The last time I posted this I was told on January 18, 2022  “I’m following up internally on this. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.” but never heard back and have not seen any change.


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Hi @Shawn, thanks for posting! Some good news - our Reports actually refresh four times per day now. The reason we haven’t announced it yet is because we’re also working on making the refresh indicator more precise (it’s the line that says “Reports are updated as of yesterday” / “Reports are up to date as of X hours ago”).

As soon as we’re ready, we’ll include it in our bi-weekly product updates (I recommend subscribing!) and we’ll also update the existing Idea thread. I see you’ve already upvoted that thread so you will be @mentioned in any updates.

Could something be wrong with my account? it never says there is more than one update per day, and always shows the last update was yesterday.

In the past I allowed techs from Copper to log in to my account but have not seen any changes.

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@Shawn hm, good question... I’ve checked two different demo accounts and they both say it was updated 4 hours ago. Is yours still saying yesterday?

If that’s the case I’ll put you in touch with our technical support team for troubleshooting.

Yes, it now says 4 hours! so you’re saying this will not update 4 times each day? This is wonderful news!

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@Shawn woohooo! 🙌 Generally when we release new features we deploy it to our customers bit by bit instead of all at once. I can’t confirm for sure but it sounds like it’s been pushed to your account now.

So yes, moving forward it should be 4x daily. But it won’t be “official” until we post our announcement, so stayed tuned for that!