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I have my system set up as “leads” (those I am trying to reach) and “people” (those I have reached and converted).  I would like to create a report and I have 2 seats (users).  For this report, I would like to have it show the conversion to people broken down to those that have been lost, won or abandoned for each seat. Since I have the professional version the person who was helping me said I should create an insight since the dashboard could only do this in the professional version.  However, I really am not visualizing the best way to do this.  TIA for the guidance!


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Hi @Kelly is Here, thanks for posting! I’ve asked my colleague to help you out - she’ll post here shortly.

In the meantime, would you mind clarifying a few things? You mentioned statuses for “won, lost, and abandoned” - are you referring to statuses on Opportunities?

When you convert a Lead to a Person, do you create the Opportunity at the same time? Or are you creating the Opportunity later on?

Thanks so much Kelly :) Great username btw 👍

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Hi @Kelly is Here ,

I created a quick video for you on how I would initially approach this. Please review this video and let me know if you have any further questions or would looking for additional details. 


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Natalie Stambro

Hello Michelle!

Thank you for your response and yes my system is set up that when I convert a lead to a person it also creates an opportunity at the same time.  Then I go into opportunities (pipeline) and determine if the opportunity was won, lost, or just abandoned.  I am not sure if there is a way to also do this when I convert the lead to a person so I have been doing it after the conversion in the pipeline.  

My overall goal is that i would like to know the conversion rates for seat 1 and seat 2 as individuals (and a total in nice too) in each category, most important being a total count of the won vs anything else.  

If you think there is a better way to track this please recommend.  

Thank you for the help I really appreciate it!  

Haha, just my attempt at being creative, thanks!


Hi Natalie!

OH THANK YOU for the video!  Just seeing your response and I am going to be following along now to see if this creates what I need,  SO appreciate it!






That video was a perfect explanation for what I am trying to do and explaining “t” and “f” was very helpful.  

So just to verify one last thing.  Seat 2 has not started but will soon so I only see my values right now.  When they start converting leads will it automatically show in this created report or is there another value I need to add?  Based on your video I am going with the thought process that once they create an opportunity it will show them on the report just like you showed a team on yours.


Thank you!


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@Kelly is Here You are correct! That is exactly right, in this example, any user marked as the owner of an opportunity that was converted from a Lead will automatically show up in the report. No other edits need to be made. 🎉

Don’t hesitate to send any other questions my way as you get this set up! 

Thank you,

Natalie Stambro

Hello @Natalie from Copper and @Michelle from Copper


I have a followup question.  So I may need to change the information on the conversion report from “owner”  to “team member” or even owners and team members.  How do I change this to see the success of each team member? I have it set up at 1 user but 2 team members and may add more team members before I add more owners.


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