Take your customer nurture further with our new automated email series feature

Take your customer nurture further with our new automated email series feature

Hi Community 👋

The next chapter of our email automation product drop is here: email series 🎉 As teased during our March Coffee with Copper webinar, we’ve begun rolling out the ability to automate a series of emails to our Business plan customers. Efficiently and elegantly nurture your key customer relationships — on autopilot 🚀

📣 We’re deep diving into automating a series of emails during our next Copper Product Pulse webinar on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Register here.

Never miss a crucial touchpoint with the magic of email series. You’ll have all the functionality of automating a single email, plus: 

Tailored, 3-step automations to cover more ground

It’s a busy world out there and sometimes folks need more than just one nudge. Now you can take your customer nurture even further by adding up to three steps in your email series, each with unique templates so you can try out different communications at different times to spark engagement. 

You now have the ability to add a step


Intelligent cadence building to suit your relationships

Each customer base is different — for some urgency might be important, but for other industries it may be more of a slow burn to win your customers the right way. So, we’ve provided the ability to define a “wait period” between each of your emails that best suits your business. This is how long Copper will wait to see if you’ve received a response from your contact before advancing to the next step. If a contact replies, they’ll be exited from the series with a “success” status. The wait period provided for the last step will define how long Copper will wait before exiting the contact with a status of success ✅ or complete ☑️ (no new inbound activity). Not sure what works for you? We’ve included pre-populated defaults for each step that you can test and learn with (ie. Step 1 will wait for 3 days, step 2 will wait for 7 days and step 3 will wait for 10 days). 

Define how long you’d like the automation to wait to receive an email from your customer before moving forward


Clear insight into the health and performance of your email automations

Understand the performance of your series and identify any opportunities for improvement with clear details on:

👉 Contacts that completed a series (all emails delivered)

👉 Contacts that successfully exited a series (new inbound activity at any step)

👉 Contacts that have been removed from a series (either because they no longer match the criteria or they’re out of retries)

👉 Contacts that are queued for retry (because delivery failed on previous attempt ex. missing email)

Plus, you’ll have full visibility into the contacts still progressing through your cadence. 

Our new email series functionality is easy to set up and use in a snap so you can try automatically nurturing key contact lists without any heavy lifting. It’s made to work with your current workflows and processes as an efficient add-on to your engagement strategies. 

📣 You’ll find our full help center article here to give you a hand with setting up your email series.

We hope you enjoy this feature!

Melanie at Copper


Hey Community!

I am pleased to report that this feature is now available for all Business customers 🥳

I hope to see everyone at next week’s Product Pulse webinar where I’ll be showing this feature and giving you a sneak peek at what we’re working on now 🫣

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Maggie at Copper

Hey Community!

Wanted to let you all know that we’ve just released two enhancements that are available for all customers using Copper Email Automations – Professional customers automating a single email, and Business customers who can automate a series of emails.

  • For the Rekindle automation, you can select a People List (saved filter) as the trigger
  • For the List automation, you can choose which People on the List (saved filter) should receive the automated emails

I discussed these enhancements during the recent Product Pulse webinar: catch the recap here, and check out the details below 👀


Select a People List (Saved Filter) for your Rekindle automations

From the Gallery, select the Rekindle option:

Gallery of Email Automation templates


🆕 You’ll now see the option to choose a People List (saved filter) as the criteria for the automation: 


Creating a Rekindle Automation


Choose which People should receive the automated emails for your List automations 

From the Gallery, select the List option:

Gallery of Email Automation templates


🆕 You’ll now see the option to choose which People on the List (saved filter) should receive the automated emails:

  • Only new People added moving forward will only send the automated email to the People who enter the list after the automation is saved and activated

  • All People already on the list plus any added moving forward will send the automated email to all People who are already on the list plus any People who enter the list moving forward

Creating a List automation

💡 Looking to use email automations to replace a manual process, such as bulk email? Use the "Only new People added moving forward" option. That way, the people on the list who already received your manual outreach will not receive the automated email.

Stay tuned, we’re working on support for Leads right now!

– Maggie at Copper