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  • 10 November 2021
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There seems to be no way (and tech support has confirmed) to create a calendar entry on a person or company via zapier based on new meeting creations in the source system- 

Does anyone know how to get around this limitation? I have multiple customer calendars I need to sync with the copper system for up coming meetings, but I can only sync 1? 

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3 replies

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Hi @jimb, I want to make sure I understand the question - do you mean that Zapier is creating a Google Calendar event that you would like to relate to a person/company in Copper?

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Hi @jimb.  My understanding is the same as Michelle’s so I will go with that assumption.  Unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t support creating relationships.  You can only create records in Copper Tables / Objects (Activities, Company, Person, Opportunity, Project, Lead or Task).  Our APIs work in a similar way, only allowing relationships on Tables / Objects.


Your situation sounds very similar to this idea that is already in the community.  You might want to take a look and vote on it.


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HI @jimb  - we may be able to assist you on this. If you’re open, we can setup a call to talk about your needs in more detail, to be sure of a viable solution.

Happy holidays!