Webhook deleted record data not available

  • 7 December 2023
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We are moving from salesforce to copper and using copper webhooks to sync CRM data to our client application.

We have an issue with delete notifications. The delete notification does not include anything other than the copper “people” id reference. Once a person is deleted and the event goes off to our other system, the id no longer points to a record and we are unable to find data that can identify the contact in our system (we are not using copper id’s in our system).

Unless I’ve missed something, it’s not possible to know what record has actually been deleted. This forces us to iterate over all “people” in the copper api until we discover what’s missing compared to the users in our app.

Is there a way to get additional data besides the id? Perhaps through a setting?

If not, I feel very strongly that a delete notification should include the record data that is being deleted, e.g. the field values should be present in the updated_attributes field for the webhook.


1 reply

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Hi Walter, 

I guess that the receipt of the ID is the only notification. We are specialized in Copper integrations and we have several ways to implement consistency between systems. 

Our preferred way is to track all ID connections in a seperate source (for example Airtable or any other database). So we always know to what ID’s and in what systems there are mapping records. This is where we track sync logging as well. 

If you don’t want to implement an independent storage, you can also solve this by a change in your workprocess and flow. Instead of allowing your users to delete from Copper you add a custom field: Delete (checkbox) and have this checkbox trigger your delete action in the integration. So you first update your other system and then delete the record from Copper from the Workflow. 

Please reach connect with if you need support on your workflow integrations. 

Kind regards,