Timestamp Funciton for When a Lead Is Updated

  • 26 October 2023
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Hi product team! Is there a way you can add a field that shows the latest time a lead has been edited at all? We’ve been really successful at integrating our copper crm with google ads, and we need this function to be able to work with Zapier and Google ads to help the machine learning of what customers are good leads. We have a custom checkbox that people can check when it is a big lead. In order to send this to google ads, we need to have a timestamp of when this field gets updated. Is there a way to do this now, or can you please add this function?

1 reply

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Yes, this is possible with Zapier but you would need 2 fields in Copper like this: 

  • Set Big Lead (checkbox that is ticked by the user) 
  • Is Big Lead (can be text or checkbox)

When the lead is updated you set a Filter on Set Big Lead = TRUE. If that is the case, you do an update setting the fields above: 

  • Set Big Lead = FALSE 
  • Is Big Lead = BIG LEAD (or TRUE)

and in the next steps you action your action to Adwords. 


Alternatively you can use for your integrations. In Make your trigger shows you which fields are updated on a Copper record and you can define the flow based on which fields are changed. is slightly more complex than Zapier but you have substantial more control on your automation. 


Our company offers the workflow integrations where you don’t have to worry about the tools to be used. We host your integration based on the tools that fits best for it’s purpose. So we use for example Zapier,, Airtable and custom code as part of the implemented solution.