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  • 30 September 2021
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Is there a way to aggregate time worked into an opportunity via a Zapier Integration from Toggl Track?

We use Toggl Track to track hours worked against specific clients and opportunities.  There is a Zapier integration to bring those hours over based on the Toggl entry being created, but I’m not sure if Copper can properly absorb the data the aggregate as needed.  We would have a matching Client Name and Pipeline name to match the data between Toggl and Copper.

Over the course of an opportunity, we may have several dozen Toggl entries, and we would need Copper to be able to store that X hours have been worked so far and Y hours were just added.



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1 reply

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@asmith Thanks for your question.  If I understand what you are looking to do, I believe it can be accomplish using Zapier in between Toggl and Copper.  I am not that familiar with Toggl, but Toggl looks to have a trigger of “New Time Entry” that could kick off the Zapier process.

Something similar was done with, where they were tracking a Project and writing information back to Copper.  There is a step in the Process where it adds the new days entered into Monday with the Total Number of Days field in Copper.

Here is a link to a guide that was done for the integration.  Maybe you can use it as a guide for building the Zap between Toggl and Copper.