Logging Activities with Correct User Attribution in Copper API Integration

  • 23 August 2023
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Hello Copper Community,

I've recently started integrating some tools with, and one of the integrations involves logging activities from phone calls. The integration is working well, but I've encountered a challenge that I hope someone here can help me with.

Currently, I'm using my personal account to connect to the Copper API, and as a result, any activity logged is attributed to my user. While this works, it doesn't accurately reflect the person who is actually performing the activity.

Has anyone faced a similar challenge or have any insights on how to achieve this? Any guidance on how to log activities with the correct user attribution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to hearing from the community!



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Hi @jkaya, thanks for posting! I don’t have direct experience with, but I do know that if you’re logging an activity via Zapier, you can have it dynamically populate the user who is “logging” the activity. In Zapier, this field is called “Acting User” and the input it the ID number of that user.

So I would check if your setup includes an option for “Acting User”

Let me know how that goes. Thanks Jakob!

Hi Michelle

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve chosen to work with as there are better integrations for my other tools. But actually I can’t see that option there. I’ve let the team know about the missing option.

Thank you for the feedback!


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Hi @jkaya, thanks for letting them know! I looked at their documentation for Copper, and I believe you’re right that there’s no option to dynamically populate the “acting user.” I only see options for Parent Type, Activity Type, and Description.

I do recommend seeing if you can populate the “acting user” in the Description. It’s not quite the same as directly attributing it to the right user, but it could give your team a bit of visibility as to who do did the activity.

Hi Michelle

Thank you. Great minds think alike: In fact, thats how I have implemented it now. :-)
Here’s the link to the Community Forum Post of mine. I additionally created a support request to them.



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there is no ‘acting’ user. i believe its a gap in the API, all activity is going to be tied to your user id.

i would guess that zapier has a proprietary interface to copper avoiding the use of the public API in teh same way the copper web app has a proprietary interface, avoiding the use of the public API.


id identifier Unique identifier for the Activity.
type* activity_type The Activity Type of this Activity.
parent* identifier The Identifier of the resource to which this Activity belongs.
details* string When applicable, the text body of this Activity.
user_id identifier When applicable, the id of the User who performed this Activity.
activity_date timestamp A Unix timestamp representing the time at which this Activity took place.
old_value object When applicable, the value of a resource's property before this Activity took place.
new_value object When applicable, the value of a resource's property after this Activity took place.