Integrations for Users without admin access

  • 1 August 2023
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I love the new features and look of Copper, The permissions for users is just what I was waiting for. However, I hope that feature will be fixed soon. Where we can allow users to integrate without granting them full access. (admin) 

My users will have to copy and past the numbers to dial out for now and manually log in her phone calls. :(

3 replies

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Hi @Korene Carter, thanks for posting! I see you spoke with Irene on our support team recently. Based on that, it sounds like you’re referring to our RingCentral integration? Let me know if that’s correct.

You need admin access in Copper and Super Admin access in RingCentral to do the initial setup for the integration. This is the process of connecting your RingCentral system and telling the integration which RingCentral extension belongs to which Copper user. But once that’s done, a regular user can use the integration from within Copper.

I see you’re the admin/account owner for Copper - are you also the Super Admin for RingCentral? If so, then you can can do the initial setup. Let me know if that’s the case and I can help you with more specific instructions. Thanks Korene!

Sure, can you setup a call with me? I do not understand these instructions. I am the Super Admin for Ring as well so your help is apricated. Email please. 

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Hi @Korene Carter, I’m not able to do a call, but I can help clarify the setup instructions. I will put some simplified instructions below. Can you please let me know if there’s a specific step where you’re getting stuck?


First, in Copper, go to Settings > Integrations. Find the box for RingCentral and click “Connect.”

 A prompt will ask you to sign into your RingCentral account and authorize access. Once you do that, it should bring you back to the Copper integrations page. And there, the box for RingCentral should say “RingCentral successfully connected.”

Then, that same box should have a “Settings” button. Click into it.

The RingCentral settings page will open up showing drop-downs to select a user for each RingCentral extension. Select the Copper user for each extension and then hit Save.

That’s all you have to do as the Copper Admin / RingCentral Super Admin.


The next time your user logs into or refreshes Copper, they will see a phone icon in the top right corner, beside where you have the bell icon and the “+” icon. At first, the phone will be crossed out. They need to click on it--this opens up an authorization/login page for RingCentral. Once they do that, the integration will be activated and the phone icon will no longer be crossed out.

I also recommend they adjust their integration settings. They can do this by going into the Settings for Copper and selecting “Phone Settings.” They’ll see a set of options like this:

After that, to start a call they just need to open a Copper contact and click on their phone number. (Note: the first time they do this, it will ask for permission to access their microphone.)


Let me know if that helps and/or where you’re getting stuck. Thanks Korene!