Google contact sync not mapping company name or title

  • 18 June 2023
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Hi folks - I’ve turned on Google Contacts integration and my Copper contacts are showing up in Google Contacts, but only with contact fields for name, email, and phone.  Company and Title field data isn’t mapping over.  How can I get the Company and Title fields to sync with Google Contacts records?  This is important because I’ll typically search by company name to find people and it’s blank.

Thanks! Doug

1 reply

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Hi @dougmandic, thanks for posting! Our Google Contact sync only synced the name, email, and phone number, as you have observed. If you need the Company and Title fields, I recommend you do an export from Copper and then import them into Google Contacts.

Now, Google’s own import tool doesn’t fill Company and Title into their respective fields in Google Contacts. What it will do is add that information in plain text under Notes. When you use the search bar, it will include results based on those Notes. So if your end goal is to be able to search based on company and title information, importing into Google Contacts will allow you to do that.

In this example, I have imported Jeff Bezos.

And here, I am searching for “ceo amazon” and it’s given me the right result.

It’s not perfect, but I hope this info helps you at least a little bit!

Our Chrome extension also allows you to search Copper from within Gmail or Google Calendar. So even if you can’t push all the information over to Google Contacts, you can still easily search those Copper contacts without leaving Gmail/Google Calendar.