Copper/Ring Central Integration

I recently added RingCentral to my business with the understanding that the Copper integration would track calls in Copper. Well, this was a bitter disappointment, as the integration doesn’t do that unless you’re using the app on a cell phone. And I’m not sure that always works. 


I feel kind of duped by Copper because I had to upgrade my Copper account to basically turn on “click to call” which should be a built-in feature anyway and then you get to choose your phone system/provider. 


Hopefully, I’m missing something here. I would appreciate any success stories and tips on this integration. Thanks, Michael



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Had a customer on RingCentral and the Copper integration is definitely deeper than any others (in that there's an actual UI/UX built within Copper to access it and receive calls).

If that is what is important to you then you made the right choice. We don't really recommend companies use RingCentral though, Dialpad + JustCall + Aircall are all better apps, but to your other complaint, all of which require you use their respective mobile app.

No VoIP can sync over data without using their mobile or desktop/web app. If you're expecting to use your normal phone number and have things sync over, that just won't happen. There's no API for that.

Unless you're talking about needing the Copper mobile app open, which is a super basic way of it logging a call was made.

Anyway, would recommend taking a look at the other VoIP solutions. Pretty sure JustCall and Aircall sync out of the box, Dialpad would be a custom integration, but Dialpad also has the most modern app and features.

Alex, thanks for your input. I was referring to using the desktop RC app (which operates in Copper) and having it capture that a call was made and for how long. These two apps are supposed to be integrated - but calling this integration is a stretch. 

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Trying to understand a bit more about what your experience is.

For the customer I referenced in the prior message, RingCentral was deeply integrated within Copper, although it didn't automatically log any calls/texts, we had to build an integration atop at the time.

That was the first and last customer that we put on RingCentral though, so I'm not sure how deep the integrations stands.

What exactly does it do well, and where exactly is it limited/not working to your expectation? Is it that calls/texts aren't logging to the CRM? Because last I recall, the actual UI/UX of having RingCentral baked into Copper within the Copper UX was actually pretty slick. Again, this was 3-4 years ago though, and the not auto-logging of calls/texts was the deal breaker for not recommending it anymore.

it's important to verify the current integration capabilities of Copper and RingCentral by referring to their official documentation or contacting their support teams to ensure the availability of native integrations or any updates that might have occurred after my knowledge cutoff date.

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We are considering Ring Central.  Just want to better understand what integration there is between Copper and Ring Central.  

I see the original post was about logging calls in Copper that are made through RC.  We wouldn’t want that. 

However, I am unclear if we will be able to make calls through our RC desk phones by clicking on a contact’s number in Copper.  Can anyone explain what integration does exist?

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Oh gosh, @wtmcc not to be blunt here but, if we could go back and not have gone with RingCentral for one of our customers that used Copper, we'd 100% do that. The integration isn't great and it won't sync any of your calls to Copper (defeating the entire purpose) unless you build a custom integration.

Also, what your describing is definitely not possible, calling from the computer via Copper to ring through the desk phone doesn't work.

Our recommendation would be to evaluate Aircall. They have a pretty solid Copper integration.

We use Dialpad, although we had to build a custom Copper integration, wouldn't recommend that path.

But for the love of God, stay away from RingCentral! They are such a bad and outdated company.

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Thanks Alex,

We have been told that there is integration that will allow us to do “click to dial” from Copper App on our desktop computers to dial out on RC desk phones (wall ethernet connects to RC desk phone, then ethernet from phone to desktop computers).

Maybe things have changed since you looked at it? 

Here is the link from Copper:

Our recommendation would be to evaluate Aircall. They have a pretty solid Copper integration.


Aircall is apparently no longer supported.