API: Can not update Person's related Company if it is auto assigned by email domain

  • 26 October 2022
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Copper API,

When an email domain is populated on a Company record, users are auto-related to the company that matches their email address. 

After that auto assignment, in my trials, company relation can not be changed within the API. I have tried, PUT - Update a Person and POST - Relate an existing record to an Entity, neither work.

How can I change a Person's related Company via API to a company not matching the domain email? Can I turn auto-relating the Person to the Company off for my API calls?


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2 replies

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Hi @mmmadison, thanks for posting! I’m going to put you in touch with our technical team for this question, since they are better suited to help you. You will get an email from our system, followed by a response from one of our product experts. Hang tight!

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Please update here with the results! Curious what can be done as well 👌