Will all Copper Project features be closed at end of 2023.- is there any point developing with them

copper support words state

"Copper Projects will sunset end 2023 and new users will not be able to use the Project section."

The question i need answering now is :

Will all Copper Project features be closed at end of 2023.

Is there any point in developing projects and workflows in for our team

using copper projects 


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Yep, that's what sunset means—I wouldn't recommend using the project section anymore or investing in using it at all. Copper will be killing off that area end of 2023.

My guess is they won't just kill it off, assuming some of their larger customers are using it or don't want to lose the data, so it might not just vanish, but it won't be getting any updates, nor will any bugs be fixed.

For all intents and purposes, I'd stay away from using it, and I'd get all of your data out of it.

You can use the Copper Pipelines section for projects (spinning up a new pipeline, and using stages to be project milestones instead of relying on tasks).

Or you can use a proper Project Manager—We've personally switched to Motion.

Best of luck!

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Hi @ProACT Sam, thanks for posting! Your understanding is correct - Projects will be removed as a feature in later 2023/early 2024. So I do not recommend you implement any new workflows that involve them with your team. Instead, check if using Pipelines for project management is a good alternative.

As @alex mentioned, you might also consider using a purpose-built project management tool. It really depends on what your team needs.

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Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to provide a quick update from the product team on the future of projects: 

  • Sunsetting Projects has been postponed indefinitely
  • We’re rewriting the Pipelines Kanban View (i.e. the view type with horizontally arranged Stage Columns and Opportunity cards under each stage).  This rewrite will contain the following features (but are not limited to):
    • Update Pipeline Kanban View to use the same technology and have consistent UI/UX as New List Views
    • “Genericizing” Pipeline Kanban View to better support non-direct sales workflows 
    • Customizing Fields on Kanban Cards
    • Viewing Tasks like Sub-Tasks related to Cards in Kanban View
    • Displaying Insights on Kanban Cards
  • Users will be able to save List View Column Settings at the individual Saved Filter level, instead of at the User level (e.g. User A and User B on the same Account will see the same columns when viewing Saved Filter Z) and Record type level (i.e. User A can setup Saved Filter A and Saved Filter B for Companies with different columns).  This way you can better execute different workflows while working with the same record type, and share lists so team members can see the list exactly as you see it.
  • Apart from supercharging Pipelines, another key goal is migrating the current Projects feature over to the redesigned Pipeline/Kanban View.

We’re excited for what’s to come in 2024. I’d definitely keep working in pipelines for your projects if you’ve started to do so, as this space will be enhanced in the months to come. 

Melanie at Copper

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Super exciting! All great changes, happy to hear 🙌

A Sales Pipeline is grossly different from a Project Pipeline.

Sales result in projects.

By combining sales opportunities and projects into a single pipeline tab, this seems a bit confusing.

By merging “Sales Opportunities” and “Projects” into Pipelines the terminology “New Opportunity” does not fit with a Project based Pipeline. 

Therefore I now see a need for the creation of another option to initiate a Pipeline specific to Projects, perhaps something like  “New Work or Task Queue” or “Open Tasks”...

Then also have the ability to remove references to monetary designations from a Project based Pipeline as they are no longer relevant since the sale to the customer has already been made in a corresponding Sales Pipeline.

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This is great feedback, and all your listed concerns are items we want to address.  We are actively ideating on solutions for reconciling these issues with revamped more extensible pipelines, so would love to chat if possible.  I’ll reach out to you via email, thanks again!

This is incredibly concerning. My business currently is completely reliant upon pipelines triggering Projects and the automated workflows which we spend weeks developing. Will all of the existing tailored automated workflows continue to work seemlessly with whatever changes you are makeing to pipelines and projects? If this cannot be guarantee then I will need to know this asap please.