Where is the option to copy stages from a pipeline to a new pipeline?

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi, we usually use the option to copy the stages from an old pipeline to new pipelines, but we can’t find that option anymore?

And when we try to make a new pipeline, it suggests some templates for stages, but we can’t make our own template, and i think that would be a very nice option to have :)

3 replies


Hi @MadsKure

You can now create a duplicate of a Pipeline directly from the Pipeline you want to duplicate, by clicking on the Pipeline overflow menu when viewing the Pipeline you want to copy.


Hi @Maggie from Copper 

Thank you so much for showing me, it’s going to make my job easier!

Just a suggestion, but maybe it could be shown in the menu also in the new lists, because right now you have to switch to the old lists to be able to choose that option.

But thanks for showing me.


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@MadsKure Thanks for sharing your feedback.  We will be adding the ability to Duplicate Pipelines from the List View (as opposed to only in the Pipeline View) in a future release.  Thank you.