We're changing our email domain. Do I need to adjust something in Copper?

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We’re launching a new website so our email domains will also be changing. How do I make sure all the emails, etc, will still be synced in Copper?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 20 May 2021, 16:00

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Hi Maryanne,

Our technical team can help you with that. Please follow the instructions in this article.

When you’re ready, contact the technical team using the in-app chat or by using this form. Make sure you include this information:

  1. Your new email domain
  2. Which Copper users this domain change applies to
  3. When the new email domain will become active (if it's not already active)
  4. The date you need this migration completed

The technical team might ask to confirm some other details about your domain change.

Hope that helps!

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Can confirm, we just switched over our Primary Domain within the Google Admin Console and we were able to get it swapped over by Copper without losing data or any major headaches.

The only piece to note is if you do it this way, any API tokens you generated in the past will need to be updated with your new email address (since API auth requires email + API key) and your email address will have changed.

Thanks again for helping us through this team! Seamless transition 🙂