Tasks synced to Google Calendar going away

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This is terrible news! 

Task reminders that are synced to Google are a big reason why I keep coming back to Copper year after year. I am told that we will be able to still see tasks within Copper… Well of course, but to keep a clean workflow, it has been so nice to see the tasks show up on the Google Calendar automatically. What is Copper doing to fix this so that Tasks continue to be synced to Google Calender?


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Agree with Josh. This is an important feature!  

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This is a big blow. Its not clear why copper doesn’t implement the API to keep integrated w/ calendar, rather than just delete a feature.


This is a very big problem for us - the reason we use Copper is the integration with G-Suite. Our admin team pushes tasks to users and they go to Google Calendar to view upcoming items. It will be much clunkier to create a task and then have to manually create an event in Google Calendar. What is the solution here? Please tell me you guys are in front of this.

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Hi everyone, thanks for posting! I agree, it has been very useful to see Copper Tasks as Reminders in Google Calendar. Unfortunately, Google will be removing the Reminders feature entirely soon, which means the Copper Tasks → Google Reminders sync will no longer work.

Our team is looking into the future possibility of building a sync with Google Tasks. Google Tasks is completely separate from Google Reminders, so it’s not a trivial amount of work, especially with the work we already have planned for list views and other features.

At this point we can’t offer any definitive answers, however I do encourage you to leave an upvote on this Idea thread to voice your support for a future Google Tasks sync.

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A two way sync with tasks would be optimal…..but a sync with tasks showing up on calendar is a must. This was one of the main reasons my team jumped from another provider years ago.