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  • 18 December 2023
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I would like to make a custom field that is read-only with respect to the web interface.

This field is driven by another system i have integrated with (in this case Mautic or Stripe).

Its confusing for the end-user to think they can modify the value, when its entirely owned by another system and just here for e.g. user segmentation etc.


How can I achieve this?

4 replies

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It's a setting you can select in the custom field area of settings, simply set the "creation and edit rules" to be read only. Note that any admins in the system will be able to override a read only field, so maybe you've already enabled this, but it's not reflecting in your account due to you being an admin. There should be a little lock next to the field name.

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I see nothing like this. this is the dialog to create a new field.


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any updates from anyone? This is kind of important for me to roll out this feature.


@donbowman if you go to the “Manage Fields On Records” link in the settings you will see a column called “Record Edit Rules” where you change the field setting to be “Read Only”. Hope that helps.