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  • 8 March 2023
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I’m trying to add a project, but I don’t seem to have the option to do so. “Projects” isn’t showing up for me in the web app, nor in the extension.


What might be happening?



Best answer by Melanie from Copper 21 October 2023, 00:47

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Hey there! I’m facing a similar issue, wondering if anyone has a fix? 

@AJacob, apparently, Copper has removed the Projects feature from new accounts starting in February 2023. They’re sunsetting it, is what I was told when I reached out to support. 

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Hi @Cece and @AJacob, thanks for posting! What Cece mentioned is correct; our Projects feature is currently being phased out. New accounts will not be able to access it. Existing Copper accounts will still have access to it until it is completely phased out in early 2024.

That being said, you can still use Pipelines to track project management-style work. Below I have an example Pipeline with stages called New, In Progress, and Done. In this example, each opportunity could be either a project or even a single to-do that you would move along the stages.

In this example, I need to move the “Set up Mailchimp integration” opportunity along until it’s in the Done stage.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions!

@Michelle from Copper Thank you, this is helpful.

Do you have any best practices or ideas for how to best customize the opportunity cards for a project management use case? 

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Hi @Cece, hope you had a great weekend! For the Opportunity Cards, I’d recommend you customize it to show info that’s relevant to projects. For example, I’d remove the opportunity Value from the card and replace it with Priority. I’d also use the Close Date to represent the due date.

In this example, my Opportunity cards show the Owner, Close Date (repurposed to show due date), and Priority.


Here are some general best practices for using Pipelines and Opportunities for managing project-type work:


Customize the stages of your Pipeline: I gave you a pretty generic example above with New, In Progress, and Done. But make sure the stages make sense for your organization. For example, if your team usually submits a project report, you might need a stage at the end for “Project Report.” Or, if you have projects that need to be put on a back burner, you could put them in a “Backlog” stage. The most important thing is for it to make sense to the folks who will use the Pipeline.


Consider updating Opportunity statuses: this can help you keep track of the outcomes. For example, I’d mark an Opportunity as Won if we completed all the work within it. Or I might mark it as Lost if we were ultimately not able to complete it.

In this example, we weren’t able to complete our Mailchimp setup. But we were able to complete our Content Calendar!


Customize the fields for your Pipeline: For example, your projects might not have a dollar value, so consider de-activating the Value field in this Pipeline. To do this, go to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > Opportunities


Use Tasks within your Opportunities: this will allow you to break up each project Opportunity into smaller to-dos. And, you can assign different Tasks to different teammates, and have them due at different times. The easiest way to create a Task within a project Opportunity is to open it up, flip to the Related section, and click the “+” under the Tasks section.


I hope that helps!

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Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to provide a quick update from the product team on the future of projects: 

  • Sunsetting Projects has been postponed indefinitely
  • We’re rewriting the Pipelines Kanban View (i.e. the view type with horizontally arranged Stage Columns and Opportunity cards under each stage).  This rewrite will contain the following features (but are not limited to):
    • Update Pipeline Kanban View to use the same technology and have consistent UI/UX as New List Views
    • “Genericizing” Pipeline Kanban View to better support non-direct sales workflows 
    • Customizing Fields on Kanban Cards
    • Viewing Tasks like Sub-Tasks related to Cards in Kanban View
    • Displaying Insights on Kanban Cards
  • Users will be able to save List View Column Settings at the individual Saved Filter level, instead of at the User level (e.g. User A and User B on the same Account will see the same columns when viewing Saved Filter Z) and Record type level (i.e. User A can setup Saved Filter A and Saved Filter B for Companies with different columns).  This way you can better execute different workflows while working with the same record type, and share lists so team members can see the list exactly as you see it.
  • Apart from supercharging Pipelines, another key goal is migrating the current Projects feature over to the redesigned Pipeline/Kanban View.

We’re excited for what’s to come in 2024. I’d definitely keep working in pipelines for your projects if you’ve started to do so, as this space will be enhanced in the months to come. 

Melanie at Copper