markdown doesn't seem to work?

  • 30 January 2024
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We use markdown for all other systems (gitlab, wiki, taiga, etc).

Copper has some support for markdown, but seems to be missing everything except bold/italic/list?


i would like to do a multi-line pre-formatted with 


preformat line


but it doesn’t work.

I would like to use a heading, but it doesn’t work.


What syntax does function? Can this be fixed?


specifically, to make a table, i would like pre-formatted (`preformat`), and/or the table syntax to work (||)

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it appears there is a very buggy partial table support. i spent a few hours trying to workaround the limitations, but i found:


  1. no markdown works on mobile app
  2. tables end up w/ the words run together across columns, become unreadable
  3. must have a table heading
  4. must us only 1 of the markdown syntax
  5. must not have a row before/after

so i think i must give up, its just not functional other than a bullet list or a bold. No support for headings either.

is there a reason this can’t use a standard markdown control?