Looking for simple set up help.

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi, new to Copper. I’m not overly tech savvy and I don’t have much time so I’d love to find someone that could help us set up all integrations and some flows and basic structure in Copper.  Please email me if interested:   We use Klaviyo, PostScript, Gmail with Drive, Superhuman (I do for email), Motion for apt. scheduling (or calendly if easier to set up). Shopify for all orders, current customer database.  Hydrus Board Tech is a premium paddle and surfboard manufacturer.  We are known for great customer service.  We’d like Copper along with the other integrations to help us support customers, mainly our VIP customers plus wholesale sales to stores.  

2 replies

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Hey Jason, love your software stack! You're in good company! Have you considered Outfunnel for your Copper + Klaviyo integration? We've used it for this type of integration out of the box, don't even need help with setting it up as it's not as technical of a tool.

Here's an Outfunnel Review if you want to look a bit more into it.

We also have some Copper Setup videos on our YouTube channel that might help with understanding how to get started with Copper?

Hope this helps!