Linking companies to a 'Parent company'

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi - how can I link a ‘child company account’ to a ‘parent company account’? We work with schools and I use Copper to create an individual school/company account but I would like to the individual school to a larger Academy Trust organisation. Is this possible??


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Hi @Chris HB, that’s a great question. This is where we often use custom Connect Fields, which allow you to link between different records in Copper.

I made a little explainer video for you. :)


Thank you Michelle, that’s really useful and exactly what I was looking for 

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@Chris HB, glad you found it useful! Let me know if you have any questions while you’re building that connect field.

You might be able to use them for other relationships in your system too. Here are some that come to mind:

  • If you have board members or parent-teacher org members as contacts in your system - you can use connect fields to associate them with their respective Academy Trust or Academy
  • If you have vendors for each Academy (maybe for food, extra-curriculars, IT services, building maintenance, etc) - you could build a connect field to associate those companies with specific academies

Of course, give it a try with the trusts and their underlying academies first. And keep in mind that connect fields cannot be imported/exported or pulled into our reporting system; they’re more for reference when you’re looking at a record.


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I also found that super helpful   

Further to this….. Can each of those associated companies use the same email domain as par of their record? 

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Hi @TL1074, glad it helped! The answer to your question is no; a given email domain can only belong to one company at a time, even if those different are associated with a Connect Field. It’s common for the main parent company to have the email domain and the child companies to have no email domain attached.