How do I re-assign / change owners on all opportunities at once?

  • 17 May 2021
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Is there a way to assign all opps to a different owner? I really don’t want to do it one by one. Thank you in advance.


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Hey @ML_Toronto - Copper allows for “Bulk Editing” opportunities. So if you switch from the Kanban view over to List View (you can press “Tab” on your keyboard as a shortcut), you can then select the checkbox at the top (which selects all of the opportunities) and then the bulk edit button (the pencil emoji in the top).

From there you can re-assign the owner on the right-hand side.


Quick Tip (Filtering Down Groups to Re-Assign)

If you’d ever like to grab small subsets of opportunities/leads to assign to sales reps, you can create a filter by “Owner = Unassigned” and then type in a letter or two into the “people search” area, to filter down smaller subsets.

This comes up often with us as our clients import say 2,000 leads and then want to split them up amongst sales reps after import (it’s usually better to set the owner before import or even as a tag, but if that doesn’t work, this should do the trick!)

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Thanks @alex !