How do I ensure details for opportunities link to contacts?

  • 12 August 2022
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I’ve set up our first pipeline in Copper, and even an automation which when they move to the final pipeline stage they get a tag added. However, the tag doesn’t seem to also then get added to the contact/person associated with that opportunity.


Similarly, certain fields that we want to apply to a contact aren’t available in the opportunity view.


Here’s a Loom explaining:



I’d really appreciate any insights please!

3 replies

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@Tom Ross, thanks for posting! I very much appreciate the Loom video 👍

We don’t currently have a mechanism to have data flow automatically from one record to another. In your case, it seems you’re filling out fields and tags on an Opportunity and wanting it to propagate to the related People. That’s not possible right now, but it is a potential candidate for a future improvement. We have an open Idea about it - I recommend upvoting that thread so that we can @mention you in any updates.

Thanks @Michelle from Copper. To be clear - would you recommend just doing this all manually for now?


So once an opportunity is ‘won’ then just going into their contact and applying tags etc…


It sounds like there’s no way to automate this?

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Hi @Tom Ross yes that’s right - I would recommend doing this manually in the meantime. We don’t have a native feature that can automate this.

If you are open to using an outside tool like Zapier then it might be possible to automate depending on exactly what you want to flow over. You could set up an automation that says: when an Opportunity is updated to Won, apply this Tag to the Primary Contact. However, you mentioned a multi-select field in your video - Zapier is not able to update connect fields, unfortunately.