How are exchange rates applied when using currency conversion?

  • 18 August 2023
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This doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere.

All I can see is that I have a value in the original currency, the converted value, and a conversion rate that is exposed via a Google Sheets report.

When is this rate applied? Does it ever get recalculated? What if the value field is updated? etc.

Looking for a thorough understanding of exactly how this mechanic operates.




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Hi @Matthew Long, thanks for posting! To answer your questions:


When is this rate applied?

The rate is applied as soon as you enter the Value. The system refreshes the exchange rates on a daily basis, so it will use the rate it fetched that day.

If the Opportunity is Open, the converted Value will continue to update each day based on that day’s exchange rate. When the Opportunity’s status is changed to Won, Lost or Abandoned, it will look at the Close Date and use the exchange rate from that day (assuming the Close Date is in the past).


Does it ever get recalculated? What if the value field is updated?

The converted value updates automatically every day if the Opportunity is Open. If the Opportunity is Won, Lost of Abandoned, it will lock in the converted Value based on the exchange rate on the Close Date. In that case, the converted Value will no longer update automatically, unless you update the Opportunity’s Value.


Let me know if that helps. Thanks Matthew!

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@Matthew Long I had our engineering team look into the precise logic and I’ve updated my previous answer based on their findings. Essentially, if the Opp is Open, the converted value refreshes daily. If it’s Won/Lost/Abandoned, it sets the converted Value based on the exchange rate from the Close Date.

I’ve also has our team update the help article to include this information.

Thanks so much Matthew!