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  • 4 August 2021
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We have thousands of contacts and companies in the system. Some are duplicates. As far as we understand it, there is no easy way to find and manage duplicates in bulk. Do you have any idea on how to work with duplicates? How to find them? How do fix them in bulk? We used to use for an other CRM. This was an amazing tool. I think it would be important to have something similar for copper..

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1 reply

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Hi @Raphael - great question. While we do not have a native duplication management option at this time, Copper has three recommendations for working with, and managing duplicate contacts: 

  1. Bulk merging duplicate records using the merge function
  2. Working with one our preferred third party partners to assist with data sanitizing and duplication. You can fill out a partner request here.
  3. Using a Google sheet and downloading a free add-on called "Remove Duplicates" from AbleBits. Though the article is a bit outdate, you can follow the steps here.

We are currently working on improving the deduplication process, and your request for integrating with is a great one. I’ll share it with the Product team, as I know they would be interested in taking a look.