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  • 9 June 2022
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How do I select a price range on Copper?


I  want to select buyer from R3 mil to R5 mil, however each option (min and max) has a min and max amount, how does this work, I have tried everything and it keeps pulling up the incorrect buyer pool. 

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Hi @Jane, thanks for posting! You can use a filter to narrow down your view based on the Value. Here’s a gif:

In this example, I entered both a min and a max to show Opportunities between $1million and $2million in value. You can also leave the min or the max blank. For example, if you want to see all Opportunities over $1 million then you would put “1000000” as the min and leave the max empty.

You mentioned it keeps “pulling up the incorrect buyer pool” - I wonder if this has to do with the currency settings. When you filter by Value, it simply grabs the number in the Value field regardless of the currency it’s in. So if you have Opportunities whose Value is in USD but you are choosing your min/max based on R, then it will show the “wrong” buyer pool.

You can quickly check which currency your Opportunity Values are in by filtering them based on Currency.


Let me know if that’s helpful!