Error retrieving token - Not loading

  • 5 January 2022
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Error retrieving token: 404:​​​


We have tried the following a few times each:

  • Reboot workstation
  • Reset Chrome
  • Cleared Chrome Cache
  • Uninstalled extension, reinstalled

We are out of ideas for troubleshooting, need some help!

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6 replies

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Hi, I’m going to bring this to our technical support team. They will follow up with you over email. Hang tight!

I also am having this error appear @Michelle from Copper 

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@msmith thanks for the heads up, I’ve notified our technical support team for you and they’ll follow up via email.

For future reference if you see an error or bug, the fastest way to get in touch with the support team is through the chat button in the web app (the pink logo in the lower right corner). I’m happy to put you in touch through the community as well, it just usually takes a bit longer.

@Michelle from Copper Thanks! 

I’ve followed up now 3 times waiting on a response. Is the support@ email not the right reply account? Seems like they are not getting my replies 

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Hi, I looked at your ticket and it does look like there’s a disconnect. Ivian sent a follow-up this morning - can you confirm if you received and and if you’ve answered? Thanks Brandon!