Do I need to invite my users before doing a data import?

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Do I need to invite my users before I do a data import? Or can it happen in either order? Thanks


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Hey @ML_Toronto - you do not need to invite all of your users before doing a data import, though if you have any data (e.g. Opportunities/Leads) that you specifically want assigned to a user in the system (Lead/Opportunity Owner), it would make sense to wait to import to be able to easily map them all out.

Though, if while importing you have a tag appended that is the owner that you’d like, you can always in the future filter down the import by that tag and then bulk edit to change the owner.

So short answer is yes. You can do it in either order. Just make sure if you do it before inviting users, you have a way to filter down the data into a subset if you want to later assign it to a user that you haven’t yet invited.

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Great thank you, I will probably just add a tag so I don’t have to invite them right away.