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  • 14 July 2021
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One of the things that makes Copper so popular is its flexibility – it’s simple to customize your experience without needing special permissions, an outside consultant, or to learn how to code. You can easily customize Copper yourself in various ways:

Need more help with customization? You can always join our Live Ask-an-Expert session every Thursday at 9:30am PST.

3 replies

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That’s only partially true in my experience, Ken. 
Have you tried to build a report using custom fields? Between unpredictable behaviours in fields, and a minimum 24 hour delay to check if my experiment works, it’s like playing chess by post. 

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Hello, @brieando . Thank you for your reply. You are right. There are some limitations that exist (like in any system). The frustrations you are having with Reports are being tackled by our Product team as we speak. I think you will be happy with the progress they are going to make this quarter and next. 

If you have specific questions about Reports and want to talk LIVE with one of my team members, be sure to sign up for one of our recurring Reports webinars that happen every Wednesday. 


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Thanks for the reply, Ken. Ilook forward to the updates.