Customer Support?

  • 11 August 2023
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Hi, I have been in contact with Customer Support multiple times but I don’t seem to get an answer to my query. We need to understand what has been charged from us. I’ve been asking if it would be possible to get an update to understand what is happening but I can see that my messages are being read but nobody answers.

Is there another channel to contact support besides the chat?


3 replies

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Hi @VirveV, thank you for posting. I’ve brought this to the head of our support team to make sure this gets resolved with clear answers. You’ll receive a response shortly. Thank you for your patience.



Thank you Michelle. I did receive a reply but it is a summary of same information I already have. Then when I reply with further questions, the ticket has been closed again. I have sent my further queries to Copper team now at least twice. We just want to understand what has been charger from us and ensure we have not been charged twice for certain period.

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Hi @VirveV, I’ve spoken to our heard of support and your account manager Cameron about this. Cameron will be in touch as soon as soon as he’s back; he’s the best one to answer your question. We’re also having the head of support review your chat conversations with the billing team. I apologize for the for the mixup in the chats, we’ll make sure you get the answer to your question.