Copper is not tracking my custom activities

  • 14 February 2023
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When someone completes a task, Copper should log that activity, right? Well, this doesn’t seem to happen for us and I can’t figure out why….

Our team uses 2 custom activity types on Copper: Wireframe and Bid. We use automated tasks and these tasks are categorized by these 2 activity types. We can see that Copper logs our activity in the detail view for Leads and Opportunities…. but when I try to create a user activity report, none of these activities are counted. 

Is anyone else having this problem?

3 replies

@Shara was there are response or resolve for this? 

Hey @Pash1980, I had a chat with Copper tech support a while back… Unfortunately, Activities that are created via Tasks (including custom ones) are NOT counted in reports at this time. Copper Reports will only count activities that are logged manually. 

My work-around: Instead of using reports, I’ve made a custom filtered search for the specific tasks I’m trying to keep track of. It’s not perfect or efficient, but it gives me the information I need.

Hope this helps you!

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Hi @Pash1980 and @Shara, that’s all correct, and it’s because in terms of data, completed Tasks are not the same as Activities. Shara, I’m glad you were able to find a workable solution!

We do have an open Idea about automatically creating an Activity each time a Task is created, which would also allow them to be reported on. If you leave an upvote on that thread, we can notify you if we have any updates. Currently, we don’t have any timelines to share around this particular feature.