Contacts Import - SMS issue

  • 22 February 2022
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Hello everyone, I heard that you could add your mobile phone’s texts/contacts to Copper and so actual text messages with your clients could be tracked (ideally the actual content of the texts to be recorded on their Copper record, the clients). Unfortunately I’ve made a mess of it. I went to SETTINGS > SMS and clicked SMS Tracking. Then naturally I wanted Copper to have my contacts on my phone (in order to match and track). My phone contacts are about 1,650 units, and I wasn’t about to go through all of them, to figure out which contacts are part of my work. So I figured Import them all to Copper, as my contacts. Then I thought Copper would match phone numbers on Copper to my contacts and therefore recognise that it was a work text and make a record of the texts on Copper. Unfortunately it has taken all my imported contacts to become CLIENTS on Copper! Plus the texts are not recorded, just the fact that a text has been sent, and it seems the text need to be initiated from Copper app in any case. Does anyone know how this IMPORT CONTACTS action can be reversed? Kind regards Frank

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Hi @Frankavio, thanks for posting and my apologies for the difficulties. I’m going to put you in touch with our support team - you’ll get an email shortly. I’m also going to send this to the product team as feedback for the mobile app and contact importing experience.

Thank you for your patience :hugging: