Contact types: How do I change the "color" it is assigned to?

  • 8 September 2023
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First of all. New list looks nice with Contact Types showing different colors. 

Question: Is it possible to change the colors assigned to the contact types?
It’s just easier to see it and understand if they are uniform to what we used from our “sheets” and previous CRM.

I hope this is possible.

4 replies

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Our company would benefit from being able to add custom colors to entire rows based on the status of each opportunity.  That is how we have been tracking things in Google Sheets.  As items change from one status to another, we color cold those entire rows, it makes our work process much easier to be able to see different colors for different statuses.  Having this in Copper would be very helpful.

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Copper team - I believe this same question was posed during one of the last Coffee with Copper sessions about pipeline utilization. The color coding makes things much more visually friendly, but we do need flexibility in determining what colors are used in what ways. Currently my company has two different customer types (local dealer and commercial customer) that are being given the same color label. For us, these are two very different groups. Likewise, we have different suppliers with the same color. How is Copper determining what color to assign? 


This may be more easily configured in a way that a system admin determines what colors are used where when setting up customer types, company types, stages, ect… Therefore creating consistency across a company’s platform. 

agreed, this would be a helpful feature to have control over the colors. Additionally it would be helpful if the dropdown list of Contact Types (that appears in the filters area, and currently scrambles the order) would maintain the same ORDER top to bottom as set in SETTINGS/PEOPLE/CONTACT TYPE.   We move contacts through the contact type in a certain order so this is a bit confusing. 

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Has anyone from Copper reviewed these comments? 

Colors are very helpful for searching, sorting and viewing large lists.  Today we use Google Sheets and color different items to be able to quickly scan a large amount of data.   If we had the ability to color code entire rows of data in Copper, we could stop using both Copper and Google Sheets.