Consultant Search - to help with setting up Copper

  • 7 December 2021
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Hi there, I am based in CET and would like help for defining fields in Copper, uploading and cleaning data.  I would be grateful for recommendations of people or firms to help? Many thanks, Yvonne

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Depends a bit on scope - we have an entire process we bring clients through to refine their processes and map them out to Copper, implement additional software to compliment Copper, integrate it all, and then automate where possible.

We aren't the best fit for everyone though and we require a 1 year commitment to work together, as to do the above right, it's not just a few weeks thing, but rather months of us getting deeply involved in understanding and learning your business.

If that's something you'd be open to, feel free to shoot over a DM or check out our site.


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Hi @YBA, we do have a network of professional service providers who could help you. If you fill out this form we’ll introduce you to someone who can help with your needs.

@alex is a (very knowledgeable!) partner in our network. As he mentioned, not every provider is a good fit for every project, so the form linked above will help us understand who we should connect you to.

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Hi Michelle I have filled out the form - how soon do I get a response please? Do people respond when interested?


Hi @alex nice to meet you.  Are you interested in the work?


Many thanks,



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@YBA - looks like you’ve been introduced to someone!

If you and @alex are interested in working together I recommend you discuss the details over DM or email since this forum is publicly visible.

Thanks Yvonne!